The Traveling Puzzle

Calling all jet-setters and road-trippers! Are you looking for the perfect pastime while on the go? Look no further than a jigsaw puzzle. 

Jigsaw puzzles may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a trip, but they can be a wonderful companion during travel. Before you start packing all of your puzzle boxes though, consider these elements when preparing your luggage.

Starry Wave jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


1. The Puzzle Size 

We love our 1,000-piece puzzles, but they can take many, many hours to complete. With our collection of 250 pieces puzzles, traveling with a jigsaw puzzle is now a no-brainer! These mini versions of our standard puzzles will still keep you entertained and challenged and can be completed solo or with a group. They’re also easier to transport and the likelihood of completing it during your vacation significantly increases.

Triangles, Color Wheel, and Gradient jigsaw puzzles | Blue Kazoo


2. The Type of Trip

Consider the type of trip you’re taking and the puzzles to do that will best suit the occasion. Are you going to a beach paradise? An equally beachy puzzle could be the ticket. 

Jet Stream jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


For a business trip, a more calming puzzle may suit your mood. 

At Last jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


Perhaps you’re traveling to multiple destinations, and want a jigsaw puzzle that is made for a getaway tour. 

Hawaii, Toronto, and Las Vegas jigsaw puzzles | Blue Kazoo


Or maybe you’re going on a romantic getaway with your significant other and want something a little more tantalizing. 

Comma Sutra jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


For trips with larger groups that want to do puzzles, consider a jigsaw that can include multiple participants, like a colorful puzzle.

Triangles jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


A jigsaw puzzle that complements the type of trip you're taking will make it all the more enjoyable!

3. The Available Surface

The surface you’re working with at your destination may be much more limited compared to what you have at home. Often, the living room or dining room table is commandeered to work on the jigsaw puzzle with ample space for sorting. This can be a hindering factor if you’re traveling with others (not everyone is happy to eat dinner on the couch). Keep the space in mind when packing puzzles for your trip. Also, be aware that the lighting where you are staying may not be the best lighting for puzzles, so plan accordingly. 

Train jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


4. Packing the Puzzle

Puzzle boxes can take up space, especially if you need to pack light. One of the best ways to travel with puzzles is to ditch the box and only take the bag and reference poster. Our sustainable jigsaw puzzles come with a reusable bag to keep your puzzle pieces together, and a premium reference poster. Traveling with jigsaw puzzles has never been easier. 

Dinner Party jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


5. Choosing the Number of Puzzles to Bring

It can be tempting to pack all of your jigsaw puzzles to take with you on your trip. While you may tackle multiple puzzles at home within a week, keep in mind that you will likely be engaging in other activities during your travel and may not be able to dedicate as much time to puzzles as you would at home. Keep the previous elements in mind, and how often you will be able to dedicate to working on a jigsaw puzzle when deciding how many puzzles to bring along. 

Trippy Picnic, Rage, Ride or Die, Keep It Clean, and The Traveler jigsaw puzzles | Blue Kazoo