Artfully Imagined
Jigsaw Puzzles

Blue Kazoo is a premium jigsaw puzzle company that focuses on puzzles that are artfully designed and conscientiously crafted.

We operate with 3 simple aspirations...

Meticulous Design
Perfect Production
Over-the-top Customer Care

Design-first Puzzle Approach

Our puzzle philosophy is simple and perhaps a bit unconventional.
We start with the box.

We begin with what you experience first — the packaging.

And then everything from there to the last piece put in place must be an absolute delight before we’ll let a puzzle design come to life as a Blue Kazoo puzzle.

With this as our guiding principle...

We make puzzles that are satisfying to construct and beautiful in your home.

Who We Are

The best puzzle company in the world, of course.

As business partners and friends for over 15 years, Abraham Piper and Josh Sowin decided...

Whoa! Hang on. Stop.

That sentence was already boring. How about a quick story instead:

They once challenged strangers in a 4th-floor office across the street to a Post-It-note war by creating an 11-foot long Nyan cat.

The strangers won the war immediately.

So where else could Josh and Abraham put to use their visceral distaste for boredom and apparently abundant free time?


What next venture could possibly offer an opportunity to make something as simple, stunning, and just plain fun as a sticky-note kitty?

Now their love of creative absurdity and ridiculous perfectionism can run free. And, as it turns out, these traits actually make for good jigsaw puzzles and happy customers

If You're Still Curious...

What customers are saying

(Because that matters more than what we say.)

How Blue Kazoo compares to other puzzle brands
Why is the Blue Kazoo logo

Our Puzzles

The GALAXY Series

The Universe at your fingertips. Our stunning new GALAXY series celebrates three spectacular star formations to inspire and transport you.

The EARTH Series

The EARTH Series is our most gorgeous and exhilarating puzzle series yet. 1,000-piece circle Earth, Moon, Sun Jigsaw puzzles.

The COLOR Series

The puzzles in the new COLOR series are nothing short of addictive...