How we make the best jigsaw puzzles in the world 🌎

Our Commitment to Sustainability ♻️

We take sustainability seriously around here (unlike ourselves). In the world of jigsaw puzzles, that means creating a premium product that you can enjoy for years to come and turn into dirt when it’s finally time for it to be retired. That’s right, our puzzles are really good looking and also fully biodegradable. We want them to leave an impact, but not that kind of impact. 👀

No Plastic. Ever. 🌿

Why would we make puzzles and not make them earth-friendly? To us, it’s a no-brainer. Our puzzles are made with FSC-certified black cardboard, meaning it’s sustainably sourced. Our puzzles, boxes, and posters are all biodegradable and printed using plant-based inks.

We couldn’t taste the difference at all. We also use a 100% biodegradable, resealable premium paper bag and stickers over plastic and cellophane. That means no more puzzle pieces spilling out when you open the box and no more unnecessary waste. 🌎✌️

Beautiful, Curated Designs ✨

Unique, eye-catching puzzles are our bread and butter. We curate slightly off-kilter art and on-kilter designs from all different eras, collaborate with new independent artists, and partner with iconic brands to elevate their direct-to-consumer business.

Due to our scrupulous attention to detail and excellent production quality—yes, we’re tooting our own kazoo—our puzzles also double as awesome wall art. 🖼️

A New Standard for Quality ⚖️

Opening a Blue Kazoo puzzle feels like getting upgraded to first class, without the crazy upgrade fee. They’re made with ultra-premium, recycled black cardboard that looks super cool and leaves zero puzzle dust. We repeat, zero puzzle dust. Plus, they have a durable 2mm thickness and a super-clean, snug fit.

We put all of our puzzles through a lift test to ensure they’re up to par. To top things off, they have a smooth, satin, low-glare finish that makes finishing a puzzle that much more satisfying. 💫

We ❤️ Our Customers

And they love us too. It’s simple—puzzles are supposed to bring more joy and calm to your life (unless you’re into the Impossible kind), so we go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible experience.

For any unexpected issues, lost puzzle piece emergencies, or questions about how to solve our really hard jigsaws, we’re a quick email away. And if you just want to chat about your love for puzzles, we’re here for that too. 👋

More Than Just a Puzzle 👑

As fellow puzzlers, we know that every piece matters, so we put BIG emphasis on the little things. Every puzzle comes in a premium box with gold foil type and a linen texture, designed to show off on the shelf or coffee table, and includes a full-size, high-resolution poster for reference. For an extra surprise, fun facts and witty one-liners are printed on the sides of the box, unique to each puzzle. 😏

A Non-Toxic Work Environment 🫧

Our jobs are not our lives, but they are part of them, so we strive to create and foster a culture where all stakeholders enjoy their role, their teammates, and working for Blue Kazoo. Here, mutual respect is everything. We also offer transparent starting salaries, unlimited PTO and sick time, and flexible work hours. After all, working for a puzzle company should be fun! 🚀