Goodbye Plastics

What is Blue Kazoo’s New Year’s Resolution?

To create the best jigsaw puzzle ever — and make it 100% plastic free. 

Easy, right?

I should back up a moment. 

Hi, I’m Darin! 👋 The new President & CEO of Blue Kazoo.

In 2022 our co-founders (and all-around-awesome-dudes) Josh and Abraham approached me about joining them on this crazy little puzzle adventure. When they did, I immediately had a (totally not hallucinogenic-induced) vision of what Blue Kazoo could become: the best puzzle ever created.

So, in 2023 we’re releasing something. Something big. Well, actually it’s lots of little somethings that all add up to one big something. And that big something is — quite literally — the best puzzle ever created.

We’ll be releasing an entirely new, updated line of puzzles that will include all-new designs and re-issues of some of your all-time favorites. We’ve upgraded all of our materials and completely eliminated plastics from our manufacturing process. 

I’ll take you through some of the changes 👇

👑 New Premium Puzzle Board

We’ve moved to a premium, more sustainable blackboard. This new paper stock is made up of recycled FSC-Certified material (meaning, it’s sustainably sourced). Plus, it looks really, really cool! 😎

Compostable Reusable Bag 🔥

We’ve scrapped the inner plastic bag for a reusable, compostable paper bag. No more puzzle pieces spilling out when you open the box and no more plastic garbage. Woot!

🌿 Plant-Based Inks

Our puzzles, boxes, and posters are all printed using plant-based inks and are fully biodegradable. We couldn’t taste the difference at all.

See Ya, Cellophane 👎

We’ve upgraded our boxes and we’ve replaced cellophane with biodegradable stickers to keep the box closed until it gets home. Sha-na-na-na hey-hey goodbye (plastic)!


We’ll also begin releasing new Sustainable Edition puzzles beginning in February, so keep in touch and if you haven’t yet, join our VIP list to get early access.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

All of our best wishes,

President & CEO
Semper Fi