Light It Up: Puzzle Lighting 101

Many will argue that natural sunlight is the best for completing puzzles. Sadly, natural light doesn’t always cut it when working with jigsaw puzzles (especially when an hour is lost to Daylight Saving Time or the day is overcast).

Thanks to Edison’s invention of the lightbulb, you don’t have to rely on bright, sunny days to piece together a puzzle. Nor do you need to suffer through considerable eye strain by working in poor lighting. Alas, let there be light for puzzles. 💡

"What are the best lights for puzzles?" you ask. In order to determine the best jigsaw puzzle light for your situation, it will require analyzing a few factors. 

Light It Up: Puzzle Lighting 101 | Blue Kazoo

Elements to Consider

Before we dive into the specifics of puzzle lights, your workstation needs to be considered. By ‘workstation’, we are referring to where you have set up your jigsaw to be worked on.

The mechanics here are important. Is it set up near a window? Is it in the center of a windowless room? Do you have other forms of lighting already available?

Additionally, take into consideration the type of puzzle you are working with. Does it have a glossy shine to it? These are vital elements to keep in mind when choosing additional lights for puzzles.

The Short Answer

If you need a quick fix, stopping at your local hardware store to replace a few bulbs in your space can do the trick. The type of light bulb you’re using will have an impact on visibility while working on a jigsaw.

Bulbs that have a higher Kelvin give off a whiter color. Warmer bulbs will have a lower Kelvin degree and are good for ambiance, but not necessarily for environments where you need to see fine details.

Daylight bulbs (5,000K and up) are ideal for use in areas that require such visualization, which makes them ideal for working with puzzles. 

Puzzle Lighting 101 | Blue Kazoo

The Long Answer

You are the only one that will be able to determine what is going to be the best conditions for setting up and working with your jigsaw puzzle. Getting the appropriate light bulbs for your setup will help significantly, whether it’s for overhead lighting or designated puzzle lamps. However, bulbs are just one part of the equation when it comes to proper jigsaw puzzle lighting. 

Utilizing natural light as much as possible is the most ideal for visibility, but that won’t work for everyone. Besides, there are those overcast or rainy days when the sun refuses to come out and won’t do much good anyway. That's where jigsaw puzzle lights come in.  

Jigsaw Puzzle Lighting 101 | Blue Kazoo

Again, you know your space best, so determining if you need a puzzle light that clips to the table and allows for ease of movement versus a stationary puzzle lamp on the floor will be up to you. Many online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops sell lamps that would work well for your specific needs. Desktop lamps seem to be the top choice among puzzlers.  

Proper lighting will certainly increase the enjoyment of your puzzle experience. Considering upgrading your workspace with new bulbs or a designated puzzle lamp. Your eyes will thank you. 👀