Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Classic Edition puzzles different than your regular puzzles?

The Classic Edition puzzles are puzzles that were made before our switch to fully sustainable materials.

CLASSIC EDITION puzzles will come wrapped in cellophane and use a poly bag inside.

PREMIUM SUSTAINABLE EDITION puzzles, are any puzzles that are labeled "Sustainable". These puzzles will come using biodegradable stickers instead of cellophane and will use a resealable, biodegradable bagThey also utilize FSC-Certified premium blackboard, premium finishes, and plant-based inks.


What’s the best way to frame my Blue Kazoo jigsaw puzzle?

First, use gloves to plant all the evidence on your puzzle. Then, drive far away and call the police. Oh, you meant that kind of framing. Here are three other great options:

  • No frame. Buy an adhesive puzzle backing & just hang it up like any other picture, poster, or novelty singing bass.
  • Get a pre-made frame and a custom matte. Grab any frame bigger than your puzzle and then go to a frame shop or an art supply store for a matte cut to size.
  • Go all out with a custom frame. Woah, fancy, you must really love puzzles. We get it. This is our favorite option, too. Custom framing can be pricy, but your puzzle will look SHARP. 

  • (And don’t forget, square frames work for round puzzles... Learn more on this handy blog we wrote.)

    What if there’s a piece missing?

    Scream, cry, then log on to Twitter and DRAG US. Just kidding... But please do let us know. Then, take a look around… We’re not doubting you, but 90% of people who email us end up finding it later! (It’s usually the cat.)

    If you truly can’t find the piece, we’ll work something out by sending our Blue Kazoo Bloodhound, Ulysses, to help sniff it out. Either that, or a replacement puzzle.

    I’m a selfless, perfect person and I’m buying a Blue Kazoo puzzle as a gift. Can I get it wrapped or include a special message?

    We don’t offer currently gift wrapping or custom messaging, but we’re working on it! But don’t worry, the paperwork inside our boxes never includes price or the name of the sender. So, you can remain an anonymous puzzle philanthropist for all eternity if you want. Or you could just, you know, text them. 

    How do I buy a single puzzle in a series?

    Go to the puzzle series you want and use the dropdown menu to select your individual puzzle. (The menu defaults to the series.) Obviously, we recommend buying a complete series, because...uh...we’re in the business of selling puzzles. Also, who is ever disappointed by having more puzzles?

    Do you ship to [INSERT COUNTRY]? What about [OTHER COUNTRY}?

    If you live in the US, then yes. (Also, how about that local sports team, huh?)

    Internationally, check out our shipping page for our updated list of countries that we ship to and all the details!

    Do your puzzles come with a poster?

    Yes. Our posters come with puzzles. Use these as a reference, or put the puzzle together, tear the poster apart, and then use the puzzle as a reference for taping the poster back together. Anything is possible.

    What are the dimensions of a 1000-piece puzzle?

    The dimensions of our rectangle 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles are 20" x 30" and our 1000-piece round puzzles are 26.5” when completed. 

    What are the dimensions of a 250-piece puzzle?

    The dimensions of our rectangle 250-piece jigsaw puzzles are 12" x 18" and our 1000-piece round puzzles are 20” when completed. 

    What if I don’t absolutely love my puzzle?

    First, try and spend some time getting to know it. Puzzles are an aloof, silent type. Get some coffee, see a movie, or do something adventurous like axe-throwing. If you still don’t feel a connection, email us about our Puzzle Promise. Basically, if you don’t absolutely love your puzzle or there’s a quality issue, we will make it right.

    I can’t wait for my puzzle! When will it arrive?

    Standard shipping usually arrives in 4-7 days. 

    Express shipping is also an option which arrives in 2-4 days (usually), or 2-day which arrives in... you guessed it, 2 days! 😉

    Wormhole shipping is $2.5 million and arrives instantaneously, but is incredibly dangerous and may result in the immediate disintegration of the universe.

    Check out our international shipping policy here

    Me want more. How often you come out with new puzzle?

    It depends! Our customer service is fast but our puzzle design is slow and deliberate. Sometimes it may take us a few months to launch a new series, other times it may take us years.

    The best way to stay up to date is by joining our email list here!