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We offer a few select modern puzzles at a time, crafted for a gratifying balance of relaxation, challenge, and just plain fun.

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The ARTIST Series

Our first ever collaboration, featuring three prominent women artists

As seen in

MARS Puzzle

Get your hands on the Red Planet
without having to hitch a galactic ride.


The Universe at your fingertips. Our stunning new OUTER SPACE series celebrates spectacular stars & formations to inspire and transport you.


Three "throwback" puzzles that combine the retro style of the 30s and 40s with a premium quality that exceeds today's expectations.

The EARTH Series

The EARTH Series is our most gorgeous and exhilarating puzzle series yet. 1,000-piece circle Earth, Moon, Sun Jigsaw puzzles. 

The Best of Blue Kazoo

Our 3 top customer favorites in one bundle, so that you can easily get our best jigsaw puzzles and save.

The COLOR Series

The puzzles in the COLOR series are nothing short of addictive...

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At Blue Kazoo, we focus on just a few favorite 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles at a time, artfully designed and conscientiously crafted.

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