Commonalities Between TetrisⓇ and Jigsaws

What do jigsaws and Tetris have in common? As it turns out, quite a lot. 

While Tetris is a digital game and jigsaw puzzles are (usually) analog, they both exercise the brain, have their own terminology, and even have championships. Let’s break their similarities down further. 

8 Ways Tetris and Jigsaws Are Alike

1. They’re both puzzle games

The most obvious commonality is that jigsaws and Tetris both fall in the puzzle genre. 

Tetris was inspired by the puzzle game, Pentominos and quickly became the global sensation we know and love to this day. The goal of Tetris is to arrange each of the Tetrimino pieces into a line without gaps. 

Jigsaws are a tiling puzzle, which means that each piece of the puzzle is meant to interlock together to form a completed picture. Jigsaw puzzles have been a popular pastime since the early 1900s.

2. Tetris and jigsaw pieces have their own names.

Yes, you read that right — jigsaw puzzle pieces and Tetris blocks have their own names. Tetris pieces are collectively called Tetriminos but did you know each Tetrimino has a unique name as well? They are the O, I, T, L, J, S, and Z-Tetrimino. Similarly, jigsaw pieces have multiple names for each shape. 

There are seven Tetris shapes with each Tetrimino rotating to create countless matching possibilities. Depending on the puzzle, though, jigsaws can have anywhere from five to 15 different puzzle shapes — and that doesn’t include rotation.  

3. They each have their own lingo, too. 

In addition to the unique jigsaw piece and Tetris block names, jigsaws have a glossary of terms and phrases that are used when working on a puzzle, and so does Tetris. Tetris has an extensive glossary of commonly used terms and phrases among Tetris players. 

4. Jigsaws and Tetris are great solo and group activities.

While Tetris was originally designed to be a computer game, it quickly grew in popularity when it was added to the Game Boy handheld console. While many people like to play single-player modes in Tetris, there are also many versions with multiplayer game modes as well such as Tetris Effect: Connected.  

The same can be said for jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws are a great activity to do on your own and with friends

5. The benefits of Tetris and jigsaw puzzles include exercising the brain. 

Just like with jigsaws, playing Tetris challenges the brain (yes, really!). Tetris and jigsaws both engage the brain, making them a great mental workout. 

Tetris has been used in over 30 scientific studies, ranging from its effects on PTSD and brain efficiency, to treating amblyopia (lazy eye), and controlling diet and other cravings.

6. There are championships held globally for Tetris players and jigsaw puzzlers.

The Tetris community can meet and compete in regional tournaments across the globe, thanks to the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) Regional Tournaments. And just like Tetris, like-minded individuals can congregate and enter jigsaw puzzle competitions worldwide. 

7. They both look great as wall art.  

Need we say more? Tetrimino-inspired frames make for a great family photo wall. Completed jigsaw puzzles look great framed, too. 


8. There are Tetris-branded jigsaw puzzles. 

There’s no denying that Tetris and jigsaw puzzles have a lot in common. But there’s one more way in which they’re alike. 

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