Puzzle Events Around the World (2023)

Jigsaw puzzling is a fantastic activity to do solo and doesn’t require interaction with others (unless you want to, of course). Providing you do want to engage with like-minded people, there are puzzle events all around the world to attend. From puzzle competitions like puzzle races, to puzzle festivals, there is something for everyone. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Events Around the World (2023) | Blue Kazoo

Hope for Three 7th Annual Felicia Smith Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

Where: Texas, United States

When: January 21st, 2023

Taking place in Sugar Land, Texas, USA, this puzzle competition is comprised of teams of four that race against the clock to complete a 500-piece puzzle in under two hours. The proceeds raised from the puzzle competition help families with loved ones on the autism spectrum gain access to support, resources, and high-quality care that might not otherwise be accessible. 

Saint Paul Winter Carnival Puzzle Contest

Where: Minnesota, United States

When: January 28th, 2023

Are you into competitive puzzling? What is considered the nation’s largest jigsaw puzzle contest, this event is comprised of four divisions: three exclusively adults, and the other a family with children. Each team is made up of four individuals and the first three teams to complete the puzzle will be awarded. All teams can keep the puzzle they worked on at the end of the puzzle tournament. 

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention 

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: May 18, 2023

This jigsaw puzzle convention was such a hit last year in Las Vegas that they’re taking a trip across the pond to Berlin. In addition to speed puzzling contests, there is something for both beginner and experienced puzzlers. Featuring an art gallery with puzzle exhibitions, a chill zone to kick back and puzzle, puzzle exchange zones to swap and donate puzzles to charity, listen to guest speakers, workout, and so much more. This convention is the place to be for any puzzle fanatic. 

Tenth Annual Gibsons British Jigsaw Championships

Where: Newmarket, United Kingdom

When: June 25, 2023

For nearly a decade, this puzzle competition has been a global sensation. Competitors aim to be the first to complete a 1,000-piece puzzle for a cash prize. There are three categories: elite, pairs, and fun. 

World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation

Where: Valladolid, Spain

When: Last weekend in September

Looking for the ultimate puzzler competitions? If you’re 16 years and older, the world jigsaw puzzle championship might be for you. There are two categories for entry: teams and pairs. 

Teams include 3-4 people and each team must complete two 1,000-piece puzzles within a 3-hour time frame to qualify for the next round. The final round will consist of 80 teams total and the first team to complete a 1,000-piece and 1,500-piece puzzle within 3 hours will take home the title of world puzzle champion. 

For pairs, round one requires the completion of a 500-piece puzzle within 90 minutes. In the final round, pairs must complete a 1,000-piece puzzle in under 120 minutes to become the winners of the world puzzle championship. 

Spain, puzzles, and competition anyone?