3 Options for How to Hang a Round Puzzle Frame & More

You’ve finished a puzzle and decided it’s one you want to hang on your wall. Great! But how to hang puzzles securely without them breaking apart in the process? 

Trust us, hanging a puzzle isn’t as hard as it might seem. 

How to Frame a Round Puzzle (Or Any Shape of Puzzle)

Preserving a puzzle can be a great way to enjoy it for years to come. Regardless of the framing solution you choose, generally, the first step is to glue your puzzle together. One common preservation method is to use puzzle glue. Puzzle glue is a specially formulated adhesive that can be applied to the front and back of a completed puzzle to hold it together permanently. This helps prevent the puzzle from falling apart or getting damaged over time.

To use puzzle glue, you will need to apply a thin, even layer of glue to the front of the puzzle, allow it to dry completely, and then repeat the process on the back. Once both sides are dry, your puzzle will be preserved and ready to display. Now you're ready to hang the preserved puzzle for added protection and aesthetic appeal.

3 Options for Hanging a Puzzle:

  1. Hanging a Puzzle Without a Frame
  2. Hang Puzzle Using a Pre-Made Frame and Custom Mat
  3. Buy a Custom Frame to Mount Your Puzzle With

We’ll go over your puzzle framing options in more detail below. 

How to Hang a Puzzle Without a Frame:

Hanging your puzzle without a frame is a classy, minimalistic, and simple option. Significantly cheaper, too. To do this, we recommend acquiring a backing which adheres to the back of your puzzle and comes with the sawtooth hanger already preinstalled.

If you have the time, tools, and patience, you can also go DIY by following these instructions…

Now you know how to display a puzzle without a frame. 

But If You Want to Frame It...

When you really want to make it pop, framing jigsaw puzzles is often the way to go. When you frame puzzles, they add an extra bit of pizzazz to the piece and really emphasize your work of art.  

Of course, we all have our own tastes, so it wouldn’t make much sense to recommend a specific frame here.

We recommend one of two routes…

How to Frame a Puzzle:

The cheapest framing option is to purchase one that is premade and at your preferred price point, making sure it’s several inches larger than the puzzle itself. Then take both your frame and your puzzle to a craft shop like Michaels and have them cut a custom mat for you to use around your puzzle in the frame.

framing a puzzle

If you really have a vision for your puzzle and the price isn’t quite as important, a custom frame is the right choice all day long. Bring your finished puzzles to frame into your local frame shop, and they will work with you to find the perfect mat and frame to bring your puzzle to life. Soon, it will become some of your favorite art!

The cost is of course the downside, but your results are basically guaranteed to be stunning and you support a local business.

How to Frame a Round Puzzle:

If you’re concerned because the puzzle you’d like to memorialize is round, have no fear. You may think you need a big round puzzle frame, which can be hard to come by. But, the good news is, all of our above suggestions work for round puzzles, too. No need to scour the internet or your local craft store for round puzzle frames.

Puzzle backing can be customized for a round puzzle. Or if you choose to frame it, a square frame and a custom mat with a round hole cut in it will be perfect.

Alright, your puzzle’s framed! Have fun, and let's get that puzzle hung!

How to Hang a Puzzle on the Wall:

Hanging puzzles on walls and the method you choose will depend on your comfort level with tools. A great option for quick application is to use 3M picture hanging strips to attach the puzzle frame to the wall without creating any holes (this is also an ideal renter-friendly option).

If you have a heavier frame, though, using a wire hanger to attach to the frame will prevent the frame - and your puzzle - from falling off the wall. 

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