Your Guide to Donating Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have long been cherished for their ability to entertain and engage people of all ages. While some people enjoy assembling them, others find solace in the zen of putting together the pieces. However, as time passes, puzzles can lose their appeal or simply become repetitive.

Instead of letting them gather dust in storage, consider donating your jigsaw puzzles to spread joy and foster a sense of community. There are a myriad of places puzzles can be donated, ranging from schools, libraries, and care centers. 

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Where to Donate Jigsaw Puzzles

Below, we explore various places where you can donate your jigsaw puzzles and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

1. Local Libraries

Local libraries serve as community hubs and often look for interactive activities to engage their patrons. Donating jigsaw puzzles to libraries not only encourages recreational activities but also promotes cognitive development and problem-solving skills. Patrons of all ages can benefit from this timeless form of entertainment.

teenager doing jigsaw at library

2. Senior Care Centers

Senior care centers and retirement homes provide a safe haven for elderly residents. Many seniors enjoy assembling jigsaw puzzles as a social activity, which can also boost memory retention and enhance cognitive abilities. By donating puzzles to these facilities, you can bring joy and mental stimulation to the lives of older adults.

3. Schools and After-School Programs

Education goes beyond textbooks, and jigsaw puzzles can play a valuable role in stimulating young minds. Schools, especially elementary and preschools, can benefit from puzzle donations, incorporating them into their curriculum or using them during leisure hours. After-school programs can also utilize puzzles to foster teamwork and critical thinking among students.

teenage doing puzzle after school

4. Hospitals and Pediatric Wards

In healthcare settings, jigsaw puzzles can serve as a welcome distraction for patients, especially those facing long hospital stays. These puzzles can provide a sense of normalcy, helping patients focus on something enjoyable during challenging times. Contact your local hospitals to inquire about their donation policies and how you can contribute.

5. Community Centers and Shelters

Community centers and shelters provide a safe space for individuals and families in need. By donating jigsaw puzzles to these facilities, you can contribute to their recreational resources, promoting a sense of togetherness and offering moments of respite from daily struggles.

senior doing jigsaw puzzle

6. Online Platforms

In the digital age, various online platforms facilitate the donation of goods, including jigsaw puzzles. Websites like FreecycleNextdoor, or local Facebook groups often have dedicated sections for free item exchanges or donations. Posting your offer there can connect you with individuals or organizations actively seeking puzzles.

7. Charity Stores and Thrift Shops

Charity stores and thrift shops are excellent places to donate gently used jigsaw puzzles. The proceeds from selling these puzzles often go towards supporting various charitable causes, helping those in need within the community.

8. Trade with Friends

If you have friends and family that also enjoy jigsaw puzzles, consider doing a puzzle swap. This allows you to re-home your pre-loved puzzles, while simultaneously receiving a new-to-you puzzle to assemble. Let the puzzle fun continue!

friends doing puzzle together

Creative Ideas for Completed Jigsaw Puzzles

If you have a jigsaw puzzle that is missing a piece or two, donating them isn’t an ideal option. There are ways that you can up-cycle your puzzles into fun crafts, though. Some creative uses for puzzles include turning them into magnets and jewelry, and if you’re in a festive mood, tree garlands and gingerbread houses. 

Recycling Jigsaw Puzzles

If a donation isn’t feasible and you’re not into DIY, you also have the option to recycle your puzzles. Yes, jigsaw puzzles are recyclable! Check with your local recycling center to see if they will accept your jigsaw puzzles. Additionally, Blue Kazoo puzzles are made with sustainable materials and can be composted. 

recycle jigsaw puzzle piece

In Summary 

Donating jigsaw puzzles is a wonderful way to breathe new life into old pastimes and bring joy to others. Your contribution can benefit diverse groups, from the young to the elderly, and from schools to hospitals. By donating, you actively build a sense of community and promote learning, cognitive development, and entertainment for all ages. So, gather those puzzles from your shelves, reach out to local organizations, or use online platforms, and watch as your generous donations create smiles and moments of happiness in the lives of others. Together, let's connect the pieces and spread joy across our communities.