Puzzle Teamwork: A Team Building Puzzle Game

Here at Blue Kazoo, culture is critical. After all, you can’t spell teamwork without meat. 🥩

We pride ourselves on building a work culture that fosters transparency, autonomy, accountability, compassion, and collaboration — what better way to do so than with a puzzle for team building activity? 

There are various ways in which team-building can be fostered, but we’ve found that a puzzle activity is one of the best ways to do so. And no, we’re not biased (okay, maybe a little biased).

Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun and effective team-building activity. Not only do they promote collaboration and problem-solving, but they also provide a low-stress environment for team members to get to know each other and build relationships.

To make the most of this activity, choose a puzzle with a challenging design and divide your team into smaller groups to work on different sections. Encourage communication and cooperation, and consider setting a time limit to add an element of competition. Once the puzzle is complete, debrief as a group to discuss what worked well and how you can apply these skills to your work together.

Why is Team Building Important?

A majority of companies have some form of teamwork built into the workday. Fostering team building enhances a myriad of components, including communication skills, planning, employee collaboration, and motivation. 

A fun activity, like a team puzzle, is a great way to encourage employees to work together to hone and advance these skills and more. 

Team activities utilize the above skills and allow coworkers to interact and engage with each other, see one another in a different light, and encourage connection in a setting outside of the usual work day.  

Looking for a networking opportunity to encourage social interaction within the workplace? Consider a puzzle activity for team building.

Benefits of Puzzles for Team Building

So, why puzzles, exactly? 

Puzzle team building increases productivity outside of work requirements and enhances positive interaction within a team environment. Puzzle activities of all sorts are beneficial for this type of engagement, but jigsaw puzzles take the cake in our opinion. 🍰

A group puzzle can encourage development within normal work teams, departments, and even entire companies with appropriate planning. These activities can stimulate current teams or be a fun challenge to encourage healthy competition and communication between teams within the company. 

Jigsaw puzzles specifically utilize a team’s joint observation skills, concentration, and creativity. Team puzzles allow each member of the group to learn how to effectively communicate with one another as they work together towards a common goal.  

A Competitive Approach to a Team Building Puzzle Game

A great way to enhance puzzles groups is to set a timer to see which team can complete their puzzle first. This allows multiple teams to work alongside each other and encourage healthy competition. The winning group effectively earns bragging rights. 

Best Blue Kazoo Puzzles for Team Building

Here are a few recommended team building puzzles your teams may be interested in solving during your company’s next team building event.