5 Creative Uses for Finished Puzzles: Holiday Edition

We gave you eight ideas for your completed puzzles, including how to show off your puzzles as wall art and spread the puzzle love with a donation. 

We’re back with five more ideas and this time, it’s all about the 🎄holiday 🎄 decor. 

Sure, after completing the puzzle, you can stick it back in the box. But if your puzzle is missing a piece or two, you’re likely not going to want to keep it, and donating it isn’t really an option. 

Imagine acquiring a pre-loved puzzle only to find out it’s incomplete*. We know we’d be 😡😤🤬😥.

Speaking of love, here at Blue Kazoo, we’re obsessed with puzzles and work with some of the best puzzlers to date. 

Jillian Hall, our Head of Product, is not only an avid puzzler but also a craft whiz. Discontent with the puzzle completed as is, she has transformed puzzle pieces into stunning works of art - just in time for the holidays. Get a peek at her creations below.

1. Tree Garland

Jigsaw Puzzle Tree Garland | Blue Kazoo

Homemade tree garland often incorporates beads, fruit, or popcorn. Not this one. In addition to puzzle pieces, this garland was made using a power drill, a needle, and some ribbon. 

If you decide to tackle this project yourself, choose a ribbon color in the length you desire for your completed strand of garland. Start by drilling a hole into the center of each puzzle piece. Once that part is done, it’s just a matter of stringing the ribbon through each of the pieces and tying off the ends. 

One 1,000-piece puzzle will create ~12 feet worth of garland.

Puzzle Tree Garland | Blue Kazoo

2. Gingerbread Houses

Jigsaw Puzzle Gingerbread House | Blue Kazoo

Building a gingerbread house doesn’t have to be limited to cookies and candy as your resources. These adorable houses are a prime example. 

Cut out cardboard or a sturdy poster board to the size you want your house and glue your pieces as you see fit (we recommend using a hot glue gun for this process). Other items that can be incorporated include beads, pipe cleaners, craft foam, feathers, and more. 

We don’t recommend eating this one though…

Jigsaw Gingerbread House | Blue Kazoo

3. Puzzle Piece Tree

Puzzle Piece Tree | Blue Kazoo

This mini tree is the perfect addition to an office or small apartment. The process is similar to the puzzle garland, with the ribbon swapped out for sturdy, but bendable, wire. 

Drill the holes and string the wire through the pieces, then twist the wire until it’s roughly in the shape of a cone. Leave some room at the end to add a starry topper. Additions to this piece include string and beads. Use your imagination!

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Tree | Blue Kazoo

4. Gift Tags

Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Tag  | Blue Kazoo

Solid-colored puzzle pieces make a unique gift tag that’s sure to stand out. Grab a fine point marker or pen, a glue stick, and however many puzzle pieces necessary (like those from our Impossible Series). Write the recipient's name on the piece, let it dry, then glue it to the wrapped gift 🎁.

Puzzle Gift Tag | Blue Kazoo

5. Puzzle Clock 

Puzzle Clock | Blue Kazoo

This crafty clock isn’t specific to the holiday season, but it deserves to be showcased. Using our completed Color Wheel puzzle as the backdrop, a single piece is removed to allow the wiring mechanics of the clock to fit through seamlessly. Now that’s functional art 👏.

Jigsaw Puzzle Clock | Blue Kazoo


*If you received a damaged or incomplete Blue Kazoo puzzle, email us at orders@bluekazoo.games so we can make it right.