6 Tips for Solving Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles

Getting stuck on a puzzle sometimes comes with the territory of completing a jigsaw. It’s not always a fun feeling, but don’t fear! There are ways to work around the challenges that come with the process. We have provided 6 tips you can utilize if you’re dealing with puzzle frustration. 

6 Tips for Solving Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles | Blue Kazoo

Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies For When You Feel Stuck:

You can certainly pack up your puzzle and be done with it when you’re feeling frustrated. But for those of you that are adamant about finishing the jigsaw puzzle, here are a few tips to help you overcome those pesky puzzle challenges. 

1. Try from a different angle 📐

Next time you’re feeling stuck, physically move your body. Sometimes, moving around the table and working on your jigsaw from a new angle can shift your focus and allow you to find pieces you didn’t even know you were looking for. 

2. Work on a new section 🆘

Getting caught up on one specific section can cause you to hyperfocus on a small part of the puzzle and delay completing the jigsaw. If you’re having difficulty finishing a section, switch it up and work on a different section in the meantime. Chances are, you’ll find that piece you’ve been looking for without even trying. 

Tips for Solving Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles | Blue Kazoo

3. Spend time separating the pieces 🧩

You’ve likely already done a good deal of separating the pieces at the start of your jigsaw puzzle. You can take this a step further and organize pieces by their shape, color, pattern, or text. This gives you a slightly different task to work on, without stopping the puzzle altogether. 

4. Change your light bulb 💡

The lights you're using may be hurting you more than helping when it comes to solving puzzles. Most will use warmer lights in homes to create a pleasant ambiance. Unfortunately, they don't allow you to see the finer details of the jigsaw. Switching your bulbs to daylight bulbs can provide you with more visibility.  

5. Call in reinforcements 👥

Puzzles are a great solo activity, but they’re also fun with friends and family. If you’re continuously coming across puzzle roadblocks, invite your loved ones over to help tackle the challenge. 

6 Tips for Solving Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles | Blue Kazoo

6. Take a break ⏸️

Puzzles are meant to be fun! If you’re not finding enjoyment in it, walk away for a bit. Your break can take as little as a few minutes, a couple of hours, or even a day or two. 

What is a Jigsaw Puzzle?

What are jigsaw puzzles, you ask? Now that we’ve talked about how to navigate puzzle challenges, let’s have a quick refresher on how to play jigsaw puzzles in the modern age. 

Jigsaw puzzles consist of tiling pieces that interlock together. You work to connect the pieces and when fully assembled, it produces a completed picture. 

There are a variety of puzzle games on the market, but jigsaw puzzles are a tried and true form of entertainment. Jigsaw puzzles used to be exclusively crafted from wood, but they have evolved over the years and become the jigsaws we all know and love today. 

Here at Blue Kazoo, we’ve taken jigsaw puzzles a step further and introduced a puzzle completely free of plastic, made with plant-based materials, and an overall more sustainable approach to puzzle making. Our goal? To create the best jigsaw puzzle ever. 

Tips for Solving Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles | Blue Kazoo

What to Do With Finished Jigsaw Puzzles

You’ve overcome the various puzzle challenges and are all finished with your jigsaw. Congratulations! Now, what to do with it? You can put it back in the box and forget about it. Or, you can try one of these creative uses, including hanging your finished puzzle and turning it into wall art.