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CLASSIC EDITION (What does that mean?)

3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF!  🚀

Take a trip to the cosmos 🧑‍🚀🌌 with our three of our best-selling puzzles. 

Crafted from some of the highest resolution images ever taken of the earth 🌎, moon 🌘, and sun 🌞, this limited-edition set will provide you with hours of entertainment and peak mental relaxation. You’ll see these celestial bodies come together in stunning clarity ✨, piece by piece. And while it’s (mostly) about the journey, not the destination, these puzzles will make pretty stunning wall art if you decide to frame them. 🖼️


  • Includes three 1000 piece puzzles: Earth Puzzle, Moon Puzzle, and Sun Puzzle
  • Hours (and hours) of fun to complete
  • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery
  • Precisely cut for snug fit
  • Includes poster for reference
  • Shape: Circle
  • Completed Sizes: 26.5”

Looking for a challenge? Try one of our difficult jigsaw puzzles for hours of agonizing fun, or any one of our planet puzzles.


What is the Earth puzzle?

The first of this series, the earth 1,000 piece puzzle is utterly iconic. A puzzle of the world you live in, with all it's breathtaking detail, in your hands ready to be put back together, piece by piece.

There's little question why reviewers have given this puzzle five stars. It's genuinely caused a stir in the puzzle world. To find out why, you'll want to get your hands on it ASAP. 

Blue Kazoo have used the most impressive images to make this puzzle, putting a high quality image from NASA onto the premium puzzle board so you can really embrace all the details and mysterious beauty of our planet. 

Plus, this is a challenge you'll be racing your friends and family to complete 

To some, puzzles are a way to unwind and relax after a tough day, taking hours to slowly finish. To others, they want to finish them as quickly as they can, making a genuine competition. No 

What is the Sun puzzle?

Blue Kazoo really out did themselves with this tricky little puzzle. You can now bring the sun closer than ever before with this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle! We are obsessed with how the completed puzzle looks. Featuring the violent eruptions of plasma, burning free from the ball of gas that's literally the centre of our universe. This usually unseen depiction of the molten fury is absolutely awe inspiring and deserves pride of place over your mantel when it's completed. Be warned - this may be the trickiest puzzle you ever take on.

What is the Moon puzzle?

The Moon puzzle is a 1,000 piece puzzle featuring a stunning, high quality image of the moon. The quality of this puzzle isn't just limited to the photograph on it.  All the puzzle pieces you'll be working with the create the breath taking image of the moon are made of incredible high quality puzzle board that's constructed to be 1.9mm thick - as to not bend, or snap - and cut so accurately that you don't have the traditional puzzle dust that other brands may be known for. 

How do you start a round puzzle?

With no corners to begin with, what's the first step? Well in these puzzles, it's a great bet to begin with sorting pieces. Once you've done that, puzzlers have found that its best to work from the edges inwards, building the outer shell of the image first!

How long should a round 1,000 piece puzzle take?

Anywhere between 10 to 30 hours. However, there's no time limit when it comes to these puzzles. Take as long as you'd like piecing them together or try complete as much a possible in one sitting and see how quickly you can finish it! We think that the Earth Series may require a few sittings of a number of hours per puzzle, so you should plan yourself some time and clear off your puzzling table.

We take quality very seriously. Before we release any puzzle, we spend months deliberating the artwork, the printing process, and the packaging. We puzzle over every aspect of the puzzle and we get better with every new release - piece by piece.

We’re intentionally focused. We’re selective. We create limited runs and focus on a few favorites at a time. If we charge a little more it’s because we don’t mass produce and we don’t cut corners. (Except for on our circle puzzles, we cut the corners off of those. Get it? 🤣)

Once upon a puzzle, business partners and friends for over 15 years, Abraham Piper and Josh Sowin, challenged strangers in a 4th-floor office across the street to a Post-It-note war by creating an 11-foot long Nyan cat.

The strangers won the war with this disapproving kitty.

But just the mere act of doing this recreational activity was prize enough for Josh and Abraham. It allowed them to relax and bond while having a lot of fun. This gave them an idea for a business venture.

And so began Blue Kazoo. Over time, we’ve grown to a team of seven. We’re a tight bunch of highly fun and motivated people who are passionate about all things puzzles. And we are obsessed with the minutest details that go into making a great puzzle.

But what makes an excellent puzzle? When we think about puzzle quality, we think about 5 things:

So let’s break it down:

Blue Kazoo puzzles are made on a premium puzzle board that is nearly 2mm thick. The pieces are so immaculately cut that when you finish a Blue Kazoo puzzle and take a step back, you can barely even tell it’s a puzzle. (Sometimes we like to say that we don’t just offer premium puzzles, we offer affordable wall art. 😄)

Now, let’s look at the second piece of the proverbial puzzle — imagery. It’s very important to us that the pictures printed on our puzzles have the best gloss, vibrancy, and high resolution to make the most satisfying jigsaw puzzle. The imagery on every puzzle with a Blue Kazoo label exceeds the expectations created by bigger puzzle manufacturers.

We really love designing puzzle packaging at Blue Kazoo! To be honest, we kind of obsess over it (it’s the highlight of our week. 🤣)

We want our puzzles compact (almost the size of a hardcover book), sturdy (so you can open and close them as many times as you want... forever), and precise (so that you can pick the box up by the lid and watch the bottom slowly slide out — so satisfying!).

And then we design it to be beautiful. If you don’t want to see your Blue Kazoo puzzle on a shelf, then we’ve not done our job well.

Not only are Blue Kazoo puzzles world-class in their design, packaging, and construction, they are fresh and unique...and you can only get them from us. It’s like shopping local but online.

One of the best reasons to buy local, is that small businesses love what they do. We treasure our relationships with our customers. And you’ll feel this in our excellent, personalized customer service.

And that’s Shannon’s job every single day. That’s right — our customer service team is one person. His name is Shannon. The only thing he loves more than puzzles is people. And he’d be very happy to hear from you.

Last but not least

Blue Kazoo does not offer a wide variety of puzzles to choose from. We’re intentionally focused. We’re selective. We create limited runs and focus on a few favorites at a time. Our puzzles are therapeutic, visually stunning, and fun for the whole family.


You are a 1000-piece Blue Kazoo puzzle away from a great moon mood. .

8 ways puzzles are good for your brain

1. Decrease S T R _ _ S

Puzzle solving is your superpower against the evils of stress and negative energy. When you solve puzzles your brain increases the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, motivation, attention, and memory. It is also a deeply relaxing activity that increases mindfulness and better stress coping skills.

2. Improve C _ L L _ B _ _ _ T _ _ N

Solving jigsaw puzzles is not only a wonderful way to connect with your family and friends, it’s also a way to exercise your collaboration skills. This includes an improved sense of open-mindedness, communication, adaptability, organization, among other very crucial life skills.

3. Improve M _ M _ _ Y

Puzzles are a fun and relaxing way to improve short-term memory. Working on puzzles fires up the connections between our brain cells, creating new ones. We use memory to remember shapes and sizes, and visualize where the pieces fit in.

4. Improve P R _ B _ _ M
S _ _ V _ N G
S K _ L _ S

Problem-solving skills include being able to identify the problem, proposing solutions, choosing the best one and implementing it. Puzzle solving improves your analytical and creative thinking, and builds resilience — skills that are very important for living a life of quality.

5. Increase Y _ _ R
_ Q

A study at the University of Michigan proved that solving puzzles for at least minutes a day can boost your IQ by 4 points. It does this by improving our memory, concentration, analytical thinking, and reasoning skills.

6. Greater A _ _ E _ T _ O _
_ O
D _ T_ _ _

When solving a puzzle, especially ones like our Earth Series in which the pieces are very similar, you have to pay very close attention to details. You have to train your eyes to identify the smallest differences in colors and shapes that will help you create the image. When we learn to be more detailed and precise, the quality of any task that we’re doing improves tremendously.

7. Exercise _ O U _
M _ _ D

Each side of the brain performs certain functions. The right side engages “big picture” thinking. It is the source of our creativity, emotions, and intuitive thinking. The left brain is linear, logical, and detail-oriented. Most people tend to have a left or right brain dominance. The brain functions best, however, when both sides are activated and involved in activities.

Puzzles require you to focus on the visual of the entire board (big picture) while being detail oriented to piece together the image.

8. Better V _ S _ _ L
S P _ T _ _ L
R _ _ S _ O _ _ N _

Puzzle solving requires you to look at the individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and available spaces on the board, and figure out what fits where. If done regularly, this will improve your visual and spatial reasoning skills (what you need to be a good driver.)

And finally, there is nothing more satisfying than putting the last piece of the puzzle in its place.

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