Blue Kazoo is a small team focused on two things…

Amazing products and happy customers.

We also believe that work is its most fulfilling when we treat it like a game.

(We’re beating the industry average customer satisfaction score by 30 points? Sweeeet! Now let’s make it 35...)

We want to practice and improve. We want to put our skills to the test and excel. And, yes, we want to win. But mostly? We want to play…

We love the challenge of creating amazing puzzles and offering an exceptional customer experience. And we love the results — customers who are enthusiastic about Blue Kazoo.

Everyone on the team contributes directly to each of these areas, and we’re looking for others to join us.

* * * * *

OK, enough pep talking. Also…

  • We’re extremely direct and we value that in return.
  • We’re hyper-practical.
  • We’ve been told we have ridiculously high expectations, which can translate into painfully annoying pickiness.
  • In the end, only results matter, no matter how much we love anything else about a project.
  • We have a bias toward believing anything is possible. Sometimes excuses are true and necessary...but they're also boring.
  • There are more scary things about us, but this is what we came up with in the 10 minutes we gave ourselves to write this.

Sound good? Awesome. We’re looking forward to hearing from you…