Jigsaw Puzzles for the Zodiac Signs: Gemini

If you’re interested in a jigsaw puzzle that is compatible with your zodiac sign, we’ve got you covered. Over the next several months, we’ll be publishing a few puzzle recommendations for each of the zodiac signs. Next up in the series is Gemini. 

Gemini Traits

Represented by the twins, those with a Gemini sun are born between May 21st and June 20th. This sign is often associated with duality, communication, and exchanging ideas. Geminis are curious creatures and have a strong need for self-expression. They are a mutable sign that craves sociability and tend not to stay in one place for too long. 

Jigsaw puzzles for Gemini | Blue Kazoo

Gemini Puzzle Recommendations

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Gemini in your life? Look no further than one (or both!) of these jigsaw puzzles.


Geminis are social and love to collect information — and enjoy sharing it just as much. With a canny ability to make friends from all walks of life, this colorful puzzle is the perfect jigsaw companion for the sign that always has the tea. 

Rumor Has It jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


Gemini is an air sign ruled by the planet Mercury. What better way to honor its ruler than by completing a puzzle of the planet associated with the messenger of the gods? Mercury is also one of our most difficult puzzles — perfect for the sign that desires intellectual stimulation. 

Mercury jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo


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