A Mystery Puzzle Party

You may have heard of murder mystery dinners, but how about the puzzle effect team event? The Puzzle Effect™️ is an escape room concept featuring - you guessed it - solving puzzles and riddles. There are Puzzle Effects around the United States that you and your group can attend.

But, what if you - hear us out - held your own?

We gave you ideas for hosting your own puzzle party, but adding some clues to the mix will add an extra layer of challenge to the dynamic.  

Add Some Mystery

Completing a puzzle usually involves sorting pieces and putting them together. Add an extra dose of challenge to this team puzzle by adding some ✨ pizzazz ✨. 

Additional elements, such as a scavenger hunt to find specific pieces of the puzzle (like the corner pieces) and other clues take a regular puzzle party up a notch. This will involve some creativity and scheming, but it’s worth the effort! You can take it to the next level by having an outside party create the clues and hide the pieces so that you can be involved in the mystery as the host. 

A Mystery Puzzle Party | Blue Kazoo

Choose a Theme

What’s a party without a theme? Consider the individuals you want to invite and what would interest everyone involved. A theme can make or break your party, so choose something that will get everyone excited to attend. 

Pick the Puzzle

Select a puzzle that coincides with your chosen theme. For example, MONKEY BIZ would fit in well with a jungle or safari theme. Perhaps a racing theme is more your speed, with BIKE RACE a suitable puzzle option. 

Invite Your Guests

Now that you have most of the details ironed out, send out invites to your guests. You can make your own invitations and mail them out, or simply send an e-invite to spread the word quickly. Include the party date and time, as well as the RSVP date. This is also a great way to mention details regarding the theme and any costume information you want to provide. 

Dress it Up

Go the extra mile by having your guests get in costume to align with your theme. For example, if BÂILLEMENT is your puzzle choice, have everyone dress as French nobility. You can either provide costumes and props or encourage your guests to bring their own. 

Mystery Puzzle Party | Blue Kazoo

Select the Food

A puzzle party of any kind isn’t complete without food. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks available for your guests and make note of any food allergies. If you want to stay in theme, a Google or Pinterest search can provide plenty of ideas for food and drinks to provide. You can also make it easy on yourself by ordering takeout and having your guests BYOB. 

A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Party | Blue Kazoo

Setup Decor

Before your guests arrive, decorate your space with decor matching your puzzle party theme. Items such as table clothes, cutlery, drinkware, and banners are a few items you can use to spruce up and transform your space. The themed decor also makes great spots for hiding your puzzle clues.  

Why Team Puzzles?

Not only are puzzles a fun pastime, but they are also beneficial for you. Both a solo and group activity, puzzles hold no bounds. Puzzle team building is a great way for everyone to work together as a group, whether it's with coworkers or friends. The next time you want to host a group event, consider a mystery puzzle party. 

Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Party | Blue Kazoo