The World's Best Puzzle Subscription

We don’t make the rules—you do. Design your puzzle subscription exactly how you want it, and get access to exclusive discounts and perks.

Friends with Benefits 🥰

However many puzzles you want, delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually

1,000pc Puzzle: $40

250pc Puzzle: $30

FREE Shipping, Always

$5 OFF Any Items Purchased Separately

First Dibs on Limited Edition Puzzles, New Drops, and Sales

Swappable Selections

Easy to Skip or Cancel, Anytime

Friends without Benefits 😢

No puzzle subscription

1,000pc Puzzle: $45

250pc Puzzle: $35

Shipping: $12+

No Personal Discount

Regular Access to Limited Edition Puzzles, New Drops, and Sales


We know you’re curious. We want to make sure you’re well-informed too.

How many puzzles can I add to my subscription?

As many as you’d like! Subscribers enjoy free shipping, so go on and feed your puzzle addiction.

Can I choose the puzzles I want?

Yes! At the beginning of each month, quarter, or year, depending on the frequency you choose, we’ll send you an email to let you know that it’s time to pick your puzzles. You can select from any of the jigsaw puzzles available on our site.

Can I switch my puzzle frequency if I change my mind?

Yep, you can switch whenever you want without any hoop-jumping or added fees.

I don’t have that much space, but I love puzzles. Would you still recommend a subscription?

As fellow puzzle lovers, we stand by the belief that you can never have too many puzzles. If you have a small space, we recommend using a jigsaw puzzle mat that you can roll up when it’s not in use, as well as puzzle sorting trays (because you never know when you’ll need your baking sheets). Also, be sure to check out our favorite creative uses for finished puzzles and our guide on how to recycle jigsaw puzzles. Our puzzles and packaging are 100% plastic-free, so you can even bury them in your backyard if all else fails. 💚