Experts Predict Dramatic Shipping Delays. Get Your Puzzles Now!

You’ve heard of FOMO — fear of missing out. Well let me introduce you to JOMO.

The joy of missing out.

The joy of missing out on the nightmare that holiday shopping is going to be for gift buyers who wait till their normal time to shop this year.

Delays Will Affect Everyone Who Waits to Shop

That’s right, not just late shoppers. Normal shoppers. Even people who buy in November are likely to experience more stress than they bargained for.

Experts across numerous industries are predicting shipping and manufacturing issues will continue for “years and years” as effects of the pandemic continue to ripple through the worldwide supply chain.

And that means one thing: delays, delays, delays.

How You Can Save Yourself Holiday Shopping Heartache

Fortunately, there’s a solution for consumers who want to avoid these concerns. And (Bonus!) it’s extremely simple.

Order early.

At Blue Kazoo, we’ve been planning for Christmas since March to make sure that we have enough puzzles on hand to serve our customers, new and loyal alike. Our U.S. warehouse is stocked to the roof with puzzles. (Literally!)

We like to think we’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you.


Experts who study industry trends are highly recommending that consumers shop early. The closer we get to the holidays the more shipping delays are predicted to occur, frustrating millions of holiday shoppers.

Order now to avoid this annoying fate.

Good News! Things Are Just Fine...At the Moment

As of now, shipping across the U.S. is still running smoothly, but this is not anticipated to continue.

You’re already thinking about holiday gifts. Smart. Get your friends and loved ones Blue Kazoo puzzles now, and then while everyone else is scrambling, you get to take a deep breath knowing gift-buying is checked off the list. The puzzle part of it, anyway.

They’re going to love these puzzles and you’re going to be stress-free, knowing you beat the rush.

They get puzzles and you get peace of mind. Talk about holiday cheer… and in October! That's good thinking...

Puzzles of the Highest Possible Quality

Blue Kazoo puzzles are renowned for their premium quality. While many other puzzle companies seem to prioritize quantity, Blue Kazoo focuses on only a few puzzles at a time. We put all our effort into making these limited puzzles…well…perfect.

Is that attainable? Usually we’d say no, but we’re getting surprisingly close! At least weekly, we hear from avid puzzlers who have just tried their first Blue Kazoo puzzle and are shocked by how these puzzles leave other brands in the (puzzle) dust.


What Makes a Puzzle Perfect?

What does quality mean to us? Obviously our puzzle board is the ideal thickness, our imagery is crisp and vibrant, there is none of the aforementioned puzzle dust, and our boxes are works of art in and of themselves… but most fun of all?

We won’t allow our puzzles to leave the factory if they don’t pass the “puzzle pick-up test.” That’s right, our completed puzzles can be lifted off the table by hand — no backing, no glue, no magic tricks.

They’re held together simply by the quality of the cut.

We love seeing photos submitted by our customers proving that this is indeed the case...

Order now and don’t miss out!


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