You Are One of the Only People We're Offering This Special Puzzle Offer To

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re one of the few people who has been offered an exclusive discount on the premium jigsaw puzzles from Blue Kazoo. We’re reaching out to a select group on Facebook and Instagram in order to spread the word about our new, limited edition MINI COLOR series.

So if you’re seeing this, here’s the deal (literally):

Free shipping across the U.S. on any size order...for now.

Simply use code SHIPSFREE when you check out. Have fun!

This discount is for a limited number of customers, and when we reach that number, the deal ends and we're deleting this post. 😄 So act quickly, as they say.

(Remember to use code SHIPSFREE at checkout to receive this limited offer.)

Puzzles of the Highest Possible Quality

Blue Kazoo puzzles are renowned for their premium quality. While many other puzzle companies seem to prioritize quantity, Blue Kazoo focuses on only a few puzzles at a time. We put all our effort into making these limited puzzles…well…perfect.

Is that attainable? Usually we’d say no, but we’re getting surprisingly close! At least weekly, we hear from avid puzzlers who have just tried their first Blue Kazoo puzzle and are shocked by how these puzzles leave other brands in the (puzzle) dust.

(Remember to use code SHIPSFREE at checkout to receive this limited offer.)


What Makes a Puzzle Perfect?

What does quality mean to us? Obviously our puzzle board is the ideal thickness, our imagery is crisp and vibrant, there is none of the aforementioned puzzle dust, and our boxes are works of art in and of themselves… but most fun of all?

We won’t allow our puzzles to leave the factory if they don’t pass the “puzzle pick-up test.” That’s right, our completed puzzles can be lifted off the table by hand — no backing, no glue, no magic tricks.

They’re held together simply by the quality of the cut.

We love seeing photos submitted by our customers proving that this is indeed the case...

A Discount "Just Because"

So…if these are “the best quality puzzles in the world” as a recent customer described the EARTH series, why are we offering free shipping? Won't people pay?

Well, yeah, they do. But this is a fun experiment.

We’re testing whether people want to spend less money than usual. 😆

Seriously though, we’re just feeling generous. That might be no way to run a business, but oh well, we like it.

And, as we said, when we reach the max number, the discount ends. (Can’t go too hog wild, right? 😜)

Order now and don’t miss out!

(Remember to use code SHIPSFREE at checkout to receive this limited offer.)


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