What Kind of Puzzler Are You?

You might not know it, but you have a puzzling style—yep, even if you got into jigsaws last Friday (welcome to the 🧩 club). Maybe you're an overachiever, or maybe you just like the idea of being a puzzler. Snacker, stealer, or true team player, we're just calling it like we see it. Find what resonates, then share this with your puzzle fam.

The Team Player

Misery loves company, and so do these puzzlers. The strategy? Stick to what you do best, divide, and conquer. There are the MVPs of sorting, border assembly, solid color areas, and, if we're comparing puzzles to sports (one word: endurance), there's the alternate—the person who steps up to the plate when another puzzler's been staring at the board for too long.

The Aspirational Puzzler

Trying your hand at a challenging puzzle is one thing. Biting off more than you can chew is a different kind of pain. Ever spent 30 minutes on a puzzle, then let it sit on your dining table for days because it was too hard to continue? You might just be an aspirational puzzler. Aim high at your own risk.

The Stealer

We're not pointing fingers, but if you have a habit of hiding a puzzle piece so you can be the one to place it at the end, you're a huge sneak and everyone knows it. Enjoy your moment of tainted glory. 😈

The Silently Compulsive Puzzler

The flow state is great, but have you ever realized you've been holding your breath while powering through a section in a silent room, completely forgetting about music and the rest of humanity? Sometimes spending too long completely locked in comes back to bite you in the sore-from-sitting-too-long 🍑. Puzzle vision, anyone?

The Performative Puzzler

When you never even open the box and leave it on the shelf so people think you have hobbies... we see you, performative puzzlers. (Speaking of puzzle boxes worth showing off, just wait for what we have in store for you in 2023. Serious shelfie bait.)

The Snacker

Only the most talented puzzlers can eat Cheetos without destroying their puzzle pieces (we bow down). And yet, it's nearly impossible to resist the puzzle munchies. Grease aside, how many times have you almost eaten cardboard because you're on autopilot? Snackers, they gotta snack.

The Quitter

Maybe the puzzle's impossible or maybe it was a gift from insufferable Aunt Ruth. This might sound controversial, but it's ok to be a quitter. Giving up > trying to complete a puzzle you don't actually enjoy. Just don't just leave it in the corner to collect dust. Regift that $h!t—because one person's trash... etc etc.