What Do You Call a Person Who Loves Puzzles?

Dissectologist (noun): A person who enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles. A puzzle lover. 


A "dissectologist" is a term used to describe jigsaw puzzle solvers who consider themselves puzzle enthusiasts, and for some, professional puzzlers. It can also be applied to individuals who have a puzzle hobby and enjoy working on a jigsaw whenever there is downtime. 

The term was crafted following the original naming of jigsaw puzzles, which were referred to as “dissected maps” in the late 1700s. Puzzles back then were wooden depictions of maps that were broken up into sections to teach students geography. Over the years, they evolved into the jigsaw puzzles we know and love today. 

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People, puzzles, and the unification of the two became such a sensation, that a group was formed in the UK dedicated to it. The group aptly refers to itself as the “Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists” (BCD). This non-profit organization was founded in 1985 to not only promote the hobby of puzzling, but to also compile research related to the history and production of puzzles, to encourage the preservation, restoration, and manufacture of puzzles, and to keep members in touch with one another. 

While they are based in the UK, there are members all over the world. BCD members can connect in person or virtually for meetings to discuss all things puzzles, buy items, and hear from experts. The organization even hosts an annual weekend house party where friends and family can do puzzles together. 

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The puzzler definition of "dissectologist" is not currently recognized by major dictionaries, but that doesn’t seem to matter amongst puzzle people.

"Enigmatologist" is the most official term to date, however, it doesn't quite capture both novice and professional puzzlers alike. Enigmatology is the study of puzzles, and there is only one person today holding that title: The New York Times crossword editor, Will Shortz.

Other names are floating around for puzzle lovers including, "Puzzler," "Puzzlist," "Puzzleologist," "Jigster," and "Jigsaw Junky." 

Personally, we would like to add “Zoobs” into the ring. 

What do you call a person who loves puzzles?

In Summary

A dissectologist is a person who has a passion for solving jigsaw puzzles, and derives great pleasure from the process. This term originated from the wooden dissected maps that were popular in the 19th century. Today, dissectologists enjoy all types of puzzles, from traditional jigsaws to brain teasers and logic puzzles. With their keen eye for detail and patience, dissectologists often find puzzling to be a relaxing and meditative hobby.