What Do Puzzles and Pets Have In Common?

What do puzzles and pets have in common? They both lower stress and make us happy, a new study suggests. Looking at cute cat and dog pictures and watching their videos online may not be a waste of time. In actual fact, looking up your furry friends is good for you even if you’re procrastinating. Talk about guilt-free enjoyment. Cats and dogs seem to dominate the world wide web, with internet data showing SIX MILLION cat and dog videos posted on YouTube in 2021, totalling nearly 40 billion views! While they aren't in the billions quite yet, our Blue Kazoo pets have at least wracked up a few thousand!


Research on pet videos and procrastination (I want that researchers job!) found people tend to view cat and dog content during work or while studying... BUT they felt much better after looking at them and more productive! Most importantly, the dopamine hit caused by the pets outweighed the guilt of procrastination. If you don’t believe us, read the journal ‘Emotion Regulation, Procrastination, and Watching Cat Videos Online: Who Watches Internet Cats, Why, And To What Effect?’. Yes, that was published. Yes we have bought several copies.

Our favorite quote ever made by any professor is:

“Some people may think watching online cat videos isn’t a serious enough topic for academic research, but the fact is that it’s one of the most popular uses of the internet today.” 
Professor Jessica Gall Myrick.

We stand with Professor Jessica Gall Myrick!

So, go forth, and look at our customer cat and dog pictures without guilt…

The EARTH Series

Customer Anna's pet dog Hershel loves his Blue Kazoo Earth jigsaw puzzle.

Hershel is on top of the world, literally! Thank you for the picture Anna K!

Two pet dogs solving the Blue Kazoo Earth jigsaw puzzle.
We cannot decide who is cuter? Big pup or little pup? Thank you Krystle J!

Sun, Earth and Moon jigsaw puzzles from Blue Kazoo.

The COLOR Series


1000-piece MARS

Whiskey the whip comes in peace with Blue Kazoo's Mars jigsaw puzzle.

Whiskey the whip proves there is life on Mars! But do they come in peace or pieces?

Shop 1000pc Mars Jigsaw Puzzle from Blue Kazoo


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