We Have Over 8 Tons of Puzzles in Our Warehouse Ready to Ship This Week

That’s right. 8 TONS OF PUZZLES.

In a few short days, these will be dispersed around the world to waiting customers...but in the meantime, all these puzzles are in our warehouse. And it’s a lot.

Let’s break it down. What else is 8 tons?

A T-rex...

An African Elephant and Her Baby...

6 1989 Toyota Camrys

17 Steinway Grand Pianos

109 Kegs of Beer

603 Gold Bars

1,674 Cats (Do not try this at home.)

And most importantly? 8 Tons is...10,002 puzzles.


If you were among our first customers to pre-order the EARTH jigsaw puzzle series or the COLOR jigsaw puzzle series, they’ll be on their way to you in no time at all...which is going to be such a relief to the shelves holding them all right now. 😆


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