Pricing Update: Awesome Puzzles, Fewer Dollars

We've always been a bit unusual.  

That's why we're lowering our prices — permanently.

We've always been a bit of a trend setter too, and we're hoping we can help start a new one: Companies lowering prices instead of raising them.

Last year we eliminated plastics and switched to premium, sustainable materials throughout. The response has been fantastic.

With your help, we've been able to transform what a jigsaw puzzle could beThis year we're focusing on making them as price-accessible as possible.

While these aren't your every-day puzzles — we want you to be able to splurge more often. You deserve it.

So we've reduced the price of our Premium Sustainable puzzles from $45 to $32.  Lower even than our price when we launched in 2020. 🥳

We've got lots of awesome designs in the works, and we'll have some exciting news to share soon — get ready to find Blue Kazoo puzzles near you 🤭

If you haven’t yet, join our VIP list to get first access and exclusive discounts.

Keep Puzzling!

President & CEO
Semper Fi