Perfect Puzzle Pairing: Snack Edition (Part 2)

We’ve long since determined that puzzles and snacks just make sense together.

Whether you’re planning a puzzle party, perusing puzzle night ideas, or creating the ultimate zen scape, trying to find the perfect puzzle and snacks to boot can be challenging. 

We’re back with another list of puzzle pairing snacks to complement your next puzzle.

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1. Oreos

Perfect Puzzle Pairing Snack Edition (Part 2) - Oreos | Blue Kazoo

Milk and cookies, anyone? Oreos can leave crumbs but unlike other cookies, don’t leave your fingers greasy. Make sure plates and napkins are available and they can make a great puzzle snack. Bring these cookies alongside a puzzle that’s sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Just make sure to keep them away from the pets!

Puzzle pairing recommendation: DOG PARK

Dog Park jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo

2. Veggie Tray

Perfect Puzzle Pairing Snack Edition (Part 2) - Veggies | Blue Kazoo

A platter of vegetables is a delicious, healthy snack to incorporate at your puzzle event. Whether it’s just you or a group, veggie trays offer a variety of options and can be spruced up with dips and sauces. You can further spice up your tray with pickled varieties. They also bring vibrant color to the table and pair nicely with an equally vibrant jigsaw puzzle. 

Puzzle pairing recommendation: JUST SAYEN

Just Sayen jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo

3. Chocolate

Perfect Puzzle Pairing Snack Edition (Part 2) - Chocolate | Blue Kazoo

If you’re a chocolate lover, indulge in this tasty treat at your next puzzle night. Chocolate is versatile – it can be eaten as is, incorporated into baked goods, or made into a yummy drink. With dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties, chocolate provides plenty of options. Pair it with a puzzle that will make you leave all thoughts of your calorie intake behind (we know we will).  

Puzzle pairing recommendation: VELOCIPEDE

Velocipede jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo

4. Charcuterie Board

Perfect Puzzle Pairing Snack Edition (Part 2) - Charcuterie | Blue Kazoo

Do you like to go all out in the snack department? Merge all of the above suggestions into one, or add some alternatives. Charcuterie boards are a versatile treat that can be curated to your taste (and your guests if you invited them). Combine your preferred cured meat with crackers or bread, cheese, nuts, veggies, and fruit. Add jam or other spreads, but be mindful that they can leave a sticky residue on your puzzle and work surface if not careful! 

Puzzle pairing recommendation: DINNER PARTY

Dinner Party jigsaw puzzle | Blue Kazoo

Whatever You Decide…

No matter what you choose to bring to the table (even if it’s not on this list), we recommend avoiding greasy foods or anything that can easily spill to prevent messes and possibly damage your puzzle. Keep plenty of napkins and small plates nearby and have toothpicks available for bite-sized food.

Happy puzzling! 🧩