Meet the Artist: Liska Flower

She's living the dream—playing with clay all day, every day.
Alisa Lariushkina's art is nothing less than transportive. Picture sprawling fields, vivid sunsets, and winding rivers, made up of small, colorful swirls and lines of clay placed neatly together to create texture and the feeling of movement. She spent years honing her unique process and puts in countless hours of work on each piece. They're sights to be seen—and, naturally, turned into jigsaw puzzles (feast your eyes on Flower Pot and Meridian). We caught up with Alisa to to talk about where she started, her biggest inspirations, and what it feels like to see her art in puzzle form.
What led you to start working with clay in this way?
Since childhood I have loved to do something with my hands. It suits my introverted temperament. I used to be fond of creating topiary from beads and various materials, and one day I learned that it is possible to sculpt these trees using air-dry clay.
You focus on landscapes and seascapes in your work. What draws you to these scenes specifically?
The process of creating landscapes really fascinates me. Now it's more interesting for me than what I created before. I also notice a very positive reaction from people that I just can’t ignore.
Your technique is so precise! How long did it take you to master it?
It took me about nine years to achieve this level. In the beginning there were a lot of experiments. I sculpted topiaries, flowers and flower arrangements, small brooches and necklaces, even in the shape of animals, and gradually developed my own style that resembled twisted petals. Now I mostly sculpt landscapes—this is a new height for me.
Do you work off of images or photographs, or do you make it up as you go?
Sometimes I use references or photos that my customers send me if it’s commission work, but mostly I sculpt spontaneously. I simply make a rough sketch and let my imagination run free.
Your work comes to life through the texture and colors of the clay. Do you source all of the different colors or do you make them yourself? What’s that process like?
I use one clay brand that, in addition to white, offers clay pigmented with five basic colors. Then you just need to mix them together to get as many shades as you need. Sometimes I also paint with acrylic.
How long does it take you to finish a single piece, on average?
It depends on the size. For example, a piece measuring 9”x12” takes me about 80 hours to complete. Since every tiny piece of clay is sculpted by hand, it really takes a long time.
Who or what inspires you? Are there other artists who inform your work?
Definitely Vincent Van Gogh. I like Claude Monet's landscape paintings and Henri Rousseau's nature scenes. I also like to scroll through Pinterest in search of interesting color combinations and beautiful landscape pictures.
What is the art scene like where you live in Lithuania?
Since I moved to Lithuania only a year ago and I work only online, I’m not very familiar with the Lithuanian art scene, but I know that there are many interesting artists here, especially in the field of textiles, which I used to see on Etsy.
What’s it like to see your art in puzzle form?
You just can’t imagine how exited I am! I think my art is well-suited for puzzles. I guess it will be quite difficult to assemble, but that’s the point, right? 😉
To admire more of her 'scapes and watch her mesmerizing process, catch up with Alisa on Instagram @liskaflower.
Photos via Alisa Lariushkina.