Jigsaw Puzzle Puns

Calling all pun lovers and jigsaw puzzle aficionados. 
Really want to puzzle someone? Try a puzzle pun, even if the recipient isn’t into jigsaws. 
Maybe they’ll get it, maybe they won’t. 🤷

Best Puzzle Puns & Jokes About Puzzles 

1. I tried to finish a puzzle but realized the dog had eaten part of it. Excuse me while I try to find my inner piece.
2. What do you call a dancing puzzle?
A jiggy-saw.
3. If you see a puzzled look on my face today, it’s because I fell asleep on one of our jigsaws.
4. How does a puzzle cut wood? 
With a jigsaw.
5. RIP John Spilsbury. You would have loved our puzzles. 
6. Why did the jigsaw puzzle go to the doctor?
Because it was feeling a little piece-meal.
7. We come in pieces. 

8. Why was the jigsaw puzzle always so happy?
Because it had everything together.


9. The smallest piece makes up the bigger picture.


10. Why did the jigsaw puzzle cross the road?
To get to the other side, of course!


11. Just like life, putting together our puzzles is a challenge.


12. Why did the jigsaw puzzle break up with its partner?
They just didn't fit together.


Holiday Puzzle Puns

Valentine's Day Puzzle Puns

1. I love you to pieces.
2. You’re an important piece of the puzzle.

Halloween Puzzle Puns

1. We went to a Halloween party dressed as one of our puzzle pieces but didn’t like it. We just didn’t fit in.
2. Why did the jigsaw puzzle go to the pumpkin patch?
To fit in with the Halloween crowd.


Year Round Puzzle Puns

1. Why did the jigsaw puzzle go on vacation?
Because it needed a little piece of mind.


2. Why did the jigsaw puzzle go on a ski trip?
To piece together some winter fun.


3. Why did the jigsaw puzzle go to the beach?
To piece together a relaxing holiday.