Jigsaw Mixtape: Tetris®

There’s no video game theme song like the Tetris theme song. Yes, it’s extremely catchy and makes T-Spins wildly thrilling, but it also has historical significance beyond the world of Tetriminos. The song, Korobeiniki, was created from a poem by Nikolay Nekrasov in 1861 and later became a popular Russian folk song before it was ever included in a version of Tetris. To mark the official release of our Tetris jigsaw puzzles, we put together a playlist of some of our favorite variations of Korobeiniki, from classical to rock ‘n roll. It will make doing our Tetris puzzles even more fun, and it will get the theme song stuck in your head. Sorry. 🤷
Pair this playlist with one (or all) of our Tetris jigsaw puzzles.