How Do Blue Kazoo Puzzles Compare to Other Jigsaw Brands Like Ravensburger?

Most people won’t remember 2020 as the year jigsaw puzzles exploded in popularity...but it is. And this is really good news for both the diehard puzzle fan and the casual puzzler who is just doing a puzzle to avoid doing nothing. Because the choices are endless. SO MANY PUZZLES!

So you're looking for quality puzzle brands. 

You can shop jigsaw puzzle brands like Ravensburger, Springbok, Suns Out, Ceaco, Cobble Hill, Eurographics, Buffalo Games… The brands puzzle list goes on and on.

Or you can get a puzzle from a small, craft puzzle company like Blue Kazoo.

But should you?

What are Blue Kazoo Jigsaw Puzzles like vs jigsaw branding by Ravensburger, Springbok, etc.? Because if they’re not as good, if not better, you might as well move on, right? We think so.

So let’s take a look...

When we think about puzzle quality, we think about 5 things:

  • Construction
  • Imagery
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Customer Care

For the next few minutes, we’ll look at each of these individually and I’ll also mix in some thoughts from Cronicas Puzzleras for an outside perspective. She recently reviewed Blue Kazoo, comparing our EARTH puzzle to puzzles she’s done from Ravensburger, Educa, and Eeboo puzzle brands.


Blue Kazoo puzzles are made on premium puzzle board that is nearly 2mm thick. The pieces are cut thoroughly and precisely. We want the fit to be so perfect that when you finish a Blue Kazoo puzzle and then step back a few paces, you can barely even tell it’s a puzzle. That’s how smoothly it comes together.

(Sometimes we like to say that we don’t just offer premium puzzles, we offer affordable wall art. 😄)

Cronicas Puzzleras writes…

[The pieces] are 1.9 mm thick.… Most round puzzles have XL pieces, but these are similar in size to a Ravensburger puzzle. The centerpieces' special, unique shape & the glossy finish caught my attention.
Most of the pieces came separated, well-cut, and none of them were folded or damaged. It has a nice fit, the pieces can only be put in their place.... Also, almost no puzzle dust.


Along with a puzzle’s construction, the quality of the picture is the main thing people think about when it comes to whether a puzzle is good. Is it vibrant? Is it engaging? How difficult will it be to construct? Will I want to look at it all day and all night?

We ask ourselves these questions and more with every Blue Kazoo puzzle we design. If we don’t want to look at a picture for hours on end, we’re certainly not going to expect you to.

So we ensure that the pictures printed on our puzzles have the gloss, vibrancy, and high resolution you're looking for in a jigsaw puzzle. The imagery on every puzzle with a Blue Kazoo label exceeds the expectations created by bigger puzzle manufacturers.

After looking at the EARTH puzzle alongside these other brands, Cronicas Puzzleras concludes, “The quality of the image is great.


Obviously, the puzzle itself is what really matters, but, wow, do we love puzzle packaging at Blue Kazoo! To be honest, we kind of obsess over it. (It’s like a highlight of our day to discuss box design. 🤣) Who wants a puzzle in a plastic bag or a canister or a big board-game-style box made of thin cardboard? Not us!


We want our puzzles compact (so they don’t take up much more space than a hardcover book), sturdy (so you can open and close them as many times as you want...forever), and precise (so that you can pick the box up by the lid and watch the bottom slowly slide out — so satisfying!).

And then we design it to be beautiful. If you don’t want to see your Blue Kazoo puzzle on a shelf, then we’ve done something wrong. Sometimes a Blue Kazoo puzzle has to be put away in a closet to save space, but never because it wouldn’t look good on display.

Cronicas Puzzleras’ summary of our packaging is no-nonsense and to the point:

The puzzle came in a small, square, minimalistic box of sturdy cardboard and covered by plastic wrap. It can look great on a shelf/library and also it doesn't take up too much space (great when you have a large puzzle collection or live in a small place).


We’ll just come out and say it — Blue Kazoo puzzles cost a little more than what you can get at Target, for instance. There’s no good reason to criticize jigsaw puzzles you can get at Walmart or Target — many of them are just fine. But I will say this: They don’t have Blue Kazoo puzzles.

Not only are Blue Kazoo puzzles world-class in their design, packaging, and construction, they are fresh and unique as well!

We design these puzzles. We make them perfect. And then we offer them to you directly. If we charge a little more it’s because we don’t mass produce and we don’t cut corners. (Except for on our circle puzzles, we cut the corners off of those. Get it? 🤣)

It’s like shopping local, but on the internet.

Let’s be honest, though. Our puzzles aren’t that expensive. If you buy a bundle, we give a very solid discount. Considering the quality of the product and the service, Blue Kazoo puzzles are a pretty good deal if we do say so ourselves.

Customer Care

A puzzle company’s customer service is probably the last thing most people think of when considering whether to buy a puzzle, but they’ll sure think about it if something goes wrong. And on the rare occasion that happens, it’s our goal at Blue Kazoo to astonish you with how well you’re treated. You need a puzzle problem fixed? We’re on it.

But Customer Care is more than just putting out fires. It’s also key to our mission that we earn your trust (obviously) but also provide a genuinely enjoyable puzzle experience that starts as soon as you land on our site for the very first time. Puzzle shopping should be fun and exciting! (If you’ve ever felt the thrill of aimlessly wandering around a bookstore, you know what I’m talking about.)

And that’s what the Blue Kazoo Team is here to do.

Alright, let's wrap it up...

Blue Kazoo does not offer a wide variety of puzzles to choose from. We’re intentionally focused. We’re selective. We create limited runs and focus on a few favorites at a time.

Because we don’t want to sell a lot, we want to sell a...mazing

And, as we’ve seen, our puzzles are on par with any jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever done before, and they surpass in quality jigsaw puzzle brands you’ll find in big box stores and elsewhere.

Judging by the responses we see in our customer reviews (which matter more than anything we can say about ourselves), if you choose to put together a Blue Kazoo puzzle, you’ll be very happy.

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We’ll let Cronicas Puzzleras have the last word here:

I had an incredible time solving it. It was part easy and part difficult making it very interesting and the finished look is stunning. I have the other two puzzles from this collection and can't wait to do them!