Galaxy Series Big Time Updates

Not so very long ago, in a Galaxy that is really not that far away…

We launched our very own Galaxy Series!

Look how much they dazzle! Look how much they excite!

And hot damn was it popular! We knew we had something special on our hands as the images are so effortlessly vibrant and possess that calming energy which makes for perfect puzzling!

We just thought we’d provide a little update for you all on how far we’ve come...and how much further we will boldly go, (don’t worry, this reference will become clearer further down).

Here’s just a small selection of the feedback we’ve received since launching the series,

  • “Blue Kazoo Puzzles rock the galaxies!”
  • “Keep up the great work! We appreciate and enjoy it!”
  • “Oh sh*t, that’s amazing!”
  • “I took that photo of the Pillars of Heaven with my DSLR, pay me money!”

    Not only did we receive these comments from you bunch of fabulous people, we also got word that British institution and national treasure, Sir Patrick Stewart, gifted our puzzle to a coworker!

    Depending on your generation, this is either Professor X or Capt. Jean-Luc Picard. (Or Sejanus from I,Claudius.)

    This amazing event helped Josh complete his life’s purpose. Whenever anyone asks him how he's doin', he just says “Patrick Stewart bought my puzzle. My life is complete”. Word is that he has this picture framed in every room of his house, (even his panic room that he hides in when Abraham comes a-knockin’).

    As if that wasn’t enough, we were also contacted by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, who believe that they were the ones who took the photo!...

    “I work in heliophysics on the Solar Dynamics Observatory data archive and this sort of looks like our data.”

    (Side Note - “...our data”. Hey, buddy, YOUR data? Did you purchase the cosmos? I’ll need to see a bill of sale on that, please.)

    It’s not 100% certain that they took it, but if the man who tamed Wolverine also sent it as a gift, then it’s not too far a belief to think the SDO took the photo.

    So you may now be asking “Where does Blue Kazoo go from here, now that the Galaxy Series has taken over all aspects of culture and entertainment?” Well, we’ll keep exploring the cold vast emptiness of space, of course! 

    We’re re-launching the Galaxy Series and at the same time, we’re looking to the future to see what other images we can find in the dark recesses of space (they’re mostly very dark and fuzzy so far). If you have ideas, let us know! If you don’t have any ideas, let us know as well!

    Do you know how many stars had to die to bring you these images?!

    If you want to add a whole ‘nother level of sophistication to your gifting, or perhaps have a game night in tuxedos and ball gowns, then you simply cannot go wrong with the Galaxy Series. Imagine, sitting at dinner and saying “This puzzle was once gifted by Sir Patrick Stewart, don’t you know? Ha ha ha, chortle chortle, snort snort.” 

    Quite simply, be the envy of everyone in the world who doesn’t own them already.


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