Father’s Day Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Guide

Celebrate the incredible dads in your life with a unique and engaging gift this Father's Day! If you're looking to surprise him with a thoughtful present that combines entertainment and quality time, look no further than a jigsaw puzzle. 

Whether your dad is a puzzle enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore a new hobby, our Father's Day jigsaw puzzle gift guide has got you covered. From challenging space-scapes to captivating artwork, we've curated a selection of puzzles that will ignite his problem-solving skills and create cherished memories together. Get ready to piece together the perfect Father's Day celebration with these hand-picked Blue Kazoo jigsaw puzzles. 

Jigsaw Puzzles for Every Type of Dad

The Gamer: TETRIS® 1989

If your dad is the nostalgic gamer type, then this retro Tetris® jigsaw puzzle is the perfect fit. Showcasing box art from one of the most iconic versions of the game and printed on a thick premium blackboard, featuring a snug fit and satin finish, this jigsaw is the perfect fit for die-hard gamers, devoted puzzlers, and every dad in between.

Tetris 1989 Jigsaw Puzzle | Blue Kazoo

The Physically Active: BIKE RACE

Does your dad enjoy working up a sweat outdoors? If so, this vintage-style jigsaw is the perfect puzzle for him. With artwork featuring turn-of-the-century cyclists, this puzzle will keep his brain active long after he’s completed his daily workout. Bonus points if Dad likes to rock a ‘stache like these guys, too. 

Bike Race Jigsaw Puzzle | Blue Kazoo

The Perpetually Tired: BÂILLEMENT

Give the gift of tranquility this Father’s Day to the dad who could use some rest and relaxation with a jigsaw puzzle featuring an equally tired dad. This yawning self-portrait of French noble Joseph Ducreux is the perfect puzzle for dads that prefer to spend their downtime on the couch. 

BÂILLEMENT Jigsaw Puzzle | Blue Kazoo

The Space Enthusiast: TARANTULA

If your dad can't get enough of the cosmos and all things celestial, we have the perfect gift for him this Father's Day. This nebula jigsaw puzzle will transport him to the universe's outer reaches, where he can embark on an interstellar journey from the comfort of his own home as he explores the mysteries of the cosmos one puzzle piece at a time. Get ready to launch his Father's Day into astronomical proportions with this captivating space jigsaw puzzle.

Tarantula Jigsaw Puzzle | Blue Kazoo 


We have the perfect gift for the dad who appreciates simplicity and clean lines to complement his minimalist lifestyle. Gift your minimalist dad a jigsaw puzzle that embodies his aesthetic and provides a meditative experience, allowing him to unwind and declutter his mind with this all-white jigsaw puzzle. Embrace the beauty of simplicity this Father's Day.

Impossible White Jigsaw Puzzle | Blue Kazoo

The Jet Setter: THE TRAVELER

For the globetrotting dad with a passion for travel and adventure, we have the ultimate gift that will fuel his wanderlust and keep him entertained on his journeys. Whether he's reminiscing about past trips or dreaming of future destinations, this jigsaw puzzle will surely inspire his sense of wanderlust and ignite his curiosity. 

The Traveler Jigsaw Puzzle | Blue Kazoo


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