A Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Gift Guide

Have you found the perfect Blue Kazoo puzzle for the puzzle lover in your life but want to get them something extra to go with it? It can be overwhelming to sift through the plethora of jigsaw puzzle mats, puzzle boards, puzzle sorters, and other puzzle supplies available on the market. So, we researched what accessories puzzle lovers would be pleased to have and compiled a comprehensive list for you. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Guide | Blue Kazoo

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Sorting Tools

Are you tired of your good baking sheets being taken by your significant other's puzzle obsession? Swap them out with a puzzle tray. There are a ton of puzzle sorter trays to choose from depending on the needs of the puzzle person in your life. You can gift a bundle of trays or go all out with a puzzling board that includes space to work on a puzzle and attached drawers to store the pieces.

Jigsaw Puzzle Storage

Speaking of storage, having a place to put a work-in-progress puzzle is an ideal gift for the puzzle enthusiast, especially if it takes a few months to complete. Again, the options are vast and can accommodate all types of puzzlers. 

puzzle carrying case would be a good fit for those that like to travel and take their puzzle with them on the go. A puzzle board with a protective screen or a jigsaw puzzle mat that can easily be rolled up and stored in a safe place may be just the thing for those with small children or animals (we can’t guarantee pieces won’t still go MIA). 

Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Gift Guide | Blue Kazoo

Designated Space

Jigsaw puzzles mats and puzzle cases are all well and good, but sometimes, it just doesn’t cut it. Why not go with a designated table for jigsaw puzzles? It is the ultimate puzzles holder because it often includes all of the items listed above (storage, sorting trays, carrying capabilities, and protective coverage) all in one package. Puzzle tables also stand out from the other puzzle accessories because they are supported on legs and can usually be adjusted to help with the dreaded neck stiffness that comes after working on a puzzle for hours on end. 

Mounting Equipment

Does the puzzle lover in your life already have all the accessories listed above? No problem! Blue Kazoo puzzles can easily double as wall art when completed. Gift your person with items they can use to hang their finished puzzles. Tools such as a puzzle backing board are a quick and easy way to preserve a puzzle. We personally like to use Mod Podge and a foam brush to glue the puzzle together and make sure it stays that way.

A Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Gift Guide | Blue Kazoo