7 Reasons PUZZLES Are the Undisputed BEST GIFT of ALL TIME to Get for EVERYONE You Have Ever Met in YOUR ENTIRE LIFE

Before we get started, I just need to point out that we are definitely not exaggerating in the title of this post. Nope.

OK, then. Let’s jump right in...

Here are 7 reasons puzzles are a perfect present...

Puzzles are a fantastic way to spend time with family you don’t talk to.

Heck, they’re fantastic even if you do talk.

They’re better than socks and underwear 

(Hey, wait. Should we make a puzzle of socks and underwear??? Let us know.)

You can flip a puzzle piece to see who has to do the dishes 

In a survival situation, puzzle pieces burn heartily.

Image: CwieChanti

They’re screen-free entertainment for kids, perfect for guilty parents.

Even cats enjoy destroying them

So now that you're convinced....

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