7 Creative Ways to Celebrate World Tetris® Day

Diehard Tetris® fans know the significance of June 6. Russian scientist Alexey Pajitnov created the very first version of the game on that fateful day in 1984. Now, June 6 is known as World Tetris Day, and it’s the perfect excuse to try to beat your highest score or take your Tetrimino obsession to new levels 🎉🎉… more on that later. Side note: We have to share this charming old video of Alexey wishing everyone a happy World Tetris Day (just try not to smile). 
This year Tetris turns 39 years old! To mark the occasion, we rounded up some of the best ways to celebrate, from trying the old-school version to getting your hands “dirty” with a Tetris-themed jigsaw puzzle.
The Tetris Company released a special edition of the game on Tetris.com that mimics Alexey’s first version of the game, square green brackets and all. Whether you’re a traditionalist or just need a work break, this simplified version is a delight.
One of the best-selling video games also has one of the most interesting origin stories. For even more knowledge-dropping opportunities, refer to the packaging of our Tetris jigsaw puzzles (there’s a unique fact on all four sides of the box tops). 
3. Make a new Tetris friend
What’s a Tetris friend, you ask? Someone who can match your level of excitement about the game in two seconds flat. Here’s what you do: Head to your favorite coffee shop, order your regular, find a seat, start playing the game on the computer or your phone (the computer is a better bet for its high-visibility), and wait for someone to ask you what version you’re playing. It’s only a matter of time… Tetris fans are everywhere! Now you have someone to play with when you’re solo-d out.
4. Play Tetris outside
We’re sure your couch is super-comfy, but it might be time to break routine—and spend some time in nature while you’re at it. Make sure you’ve got the game on your favorite phone or portable gaming device and head to the park, the beer garden, or even your backyard.
5. Host a Tetris watch party
If you haven’t seen the biopic yet, what are you doing?? If you have seen it, chances are you want to watch it again. So, shoot a text to the group chat, pick up some tasty snacks, and cue up the movie on Apple TV+. It’ll definitely make you want to play Tetris afterwards.
6. Make something!
The Tetris game was made with a computer, coding skills, and a little creativity. Who’s to say you can’t make the next big video game? If you want to aim a little smaller, consider creating a simple website using HTML, painting a picture of your garden, or trying that recipe that caught your eye last week.
Need a screen break? Go analog with one of our equally-addictive jigsaw puzzles, featuring the 1989 poster art, colorful Tetriminos, and a gorgeous I 🖤 Tetris graphic. 😍