6 Jigsaw Puzzle Books for Puzzle Lovers

There are tons of books on the market that include puzzles and other activities for all ages to complete. But those aren’t the books we’ll be talking about here. 

We dived into the history of jigsaw puzzles in a blog post, but merely touched the surface of the wide, wide world of puzzles. In today’s post, we’re featuring six books that any puzzle lover would be interested in reading through to learn more about this cherished pastime. 


1. The Jigsaw Puzzle: Piecing Together a History by Anne D. Williams 

With over 100 illustrations, this 250-page jigsaw puzzle book looks exclusively at the origins of jigsaws and the beloved form of entertainment that has kept people worldwide occupied for over 500 years. Including the full history and origins of the jigsaw, Williams also examines the minds of some of the most famous puzzlers over the years, such as Stephen King, Bill Gates, and the late Queen Elizabeth II. 


2. Cutting a Fine Figure: The Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle by Anne D. Williams 

For those that enjoy the original wooden jigsaw puzzles, this 60-page paperback includes a detailed list of the makers of hand-cut wooden jigsaws. Two essays are included as well, titled Jigsaw Puzzles: A Boston Area Tradition and Parker Brothers and Pastime Puzzles.


3. Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide by Anne D. Williams. 

Another puzzle text compilation by renowned puzzler Anne D. Williams, this 362-page book is a comprehensive guide to the cutters and companies that made American jigsaw puzzles. Included is a detailed history of major manufacturers and associated pricing.  


4. The Art of the Puzzle: Astounding and Confounding by Anne D. Williams and Jerry Slocum Williams. 

This short text, running 32 pages, features a catalog of 75 puzzle illustrations, presenting the exhibition of over 100 jigsaw puzzles and more than 200 mechanical puzzles. 

5. British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century by Tom Tyler

With almost 400 colored illustrations, this 160-page puzzle book details the many exciting and significant developments in the production of jigsaw puzzles in the 20th century, including comprehensive historical information related to major English jigsaw manufacturers and companies. 

6. Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles by Chris McCann 

Featuring more than 500 images of full-color, assembled jigsaws from the 1930s to the 1960s, this 223-page text is perfect for those that wish to read about the artist behind the puzzle images. In addition to biographies of the artists, a collector’s value guide is included.