5 Simple Ways to Deal With Puzzle Dust When You Have a Jigsaw Puzzle Dust Allergy

Jigsaw Puzzle Dust Allergy

After a jigsaw puzzle is cut, there is a residue of cardboard dust that needs to be removed. Some brands — including us here at Blue Kazoo — ensure that this dust is removed before packaging puzzles. But many others leave this dust for customers to deal with.

For most of us, this new-puzzle dust is simply a “hazard of the game.” But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tried and true tactics for minimizing the annoyance.

Some jokers face down the irritation with humor, suggesting everything from simply loving and accepting it to...snorting it?

Uhhh. No thank you. We’d rather just do the puzzle over and over again till the dust is gone. 😜

OK, so how about some actual help… 🤷‍♀️

Here are 5 real ways to deal with puzzle dust gleaned from personal experience and suggestions from other serious puzzlers...

1. Piece by Piece Right Out of the Box

This is the most straightforward option, but also the most tedious… When you open your puzzle, do your first round of sorting straight from the box instead of ever dumping the puzzle onto your table. Most of the dust will stay in the box.

2. Let It Out of the Bag

Another very basic option, assuming your puzzle comes in a plastic bag inside the box, is to shake dust into a corner of the bag. Then snip off that corner with a scissors, making a hole smaller than a puzzle piece and shake/pour the dust out.

3. “Strain” Through a Colander

Simply dump your puzzle pieces into a large colander and toss them like a bowl of fresh popcorn you just salted. (You’ll want to do this outside, almost certainly.)

4. Shake in a Laundry Bag

Put your puzzle in a mesh bag and shake, shake, shake. Same concept as above, but you don’t have to be as careful, since the pieces are enclosed in a container.

5. Buy Puzzles That Don’t Have Any

Like ours. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🤣

Happy, dust-free puzzling!

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