$1,000 REWARD for Our Missing Baby... Puzzle

A shattered window, a mysterious note, and the world’s rarest puzzle gone. No, it’s not a lackluster Dan Brown novel... it’s the life of Blue Kazoo’s Josh Sowin.

Josh was hiking when it happened, probably when he should have been working. When he came back down the mountain he noticed something oddly disturbing about his vehicle's status; the back window smashed out, glass everywhere, and a mysterious note in the back seat.

He was pretty sure there was a window there when he left.

Actual footage of how we imagine the thief did it

The thief stole the only truly valuable thing in the car: our beloved MARS prototype.

Okay, so maybe it’s not the world’s rarest puzzle, but it’s one of only two MARS puzzle prototypes we had made for a big upcoming release. And it was stolen in this seemingly random break-in.

But how did they know about it? Why did they take it? And most importantly, did they put it together? What did they think? We need feedback on this prototype!

Anyway, we really want it back, so we’re offering $1,000 for its safe return. Abraham — who, if you didn’t know, is basically TikTok famous with over a million followers — posted about it too, and the internet gumshoes went to work…


I’m basically a detective now. ##robbed ##storytime ##puzzle ##jigsawpuzzle ##reframe ##ebay ##collectorsitem ##stillalittlesad

♬ original sound - Abraham Piper

We love puns as much as we love cake, which is a lot.

Josh is both bobblehead AND human. It's a complicated arrangement, but it works.

No. Out of unrelated curiosity, do you want to buy it now?

A commenter found this promisingly strange listing on eBay for $420. (We’ve got one guess as to what they’re planning to buy with the money.)

At this point, we just want to compensate the thief for giving us waaaay more than $1,000’s worth of free PR. Whoever stole the puzzle has a career in marketing stunts ahead of them.

There’s still no word yet on the missing puzzle, but we’re using our ONLY other Mars prototype left to make our brand-new PLANET series featuring Jupiter, Mercury, and you guessed it: Pluto. (Just kidding, it's Mars.)

Thanks! Hope we get it back!

It's not, we promise. Like for real, an actual crime has been committed here.

Great question! Its worth cannot be expressed in money. Human money, anyway. It's THAT worth..ful...

But the real crowd favorites were Abraham’s bright red clogs…

Yes, we can. They're glorious.

There's no place like home

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Now that we’ve got a few clues, here are our guesses as to who the thief might be:

  • Josh, trying to commit insurance fraud and boost sales
  • One of Abraham’s fervent TikTok followers trying to desperately get his attention
  • Woody Harrelson, just trying to get some weed money
  • Abraham, just trying to get some weed money
  • The Illuminati (it’s always the Illuminati)
  • Elon Musk, who doesn’t want US to be the first to Mars
  • Our arch nemesis business, Red Saxophone Puzzles
  • A random agent of chaos in our harsh, apathetic universe
  • Our ONE disgruntled former intern, Gunther Applebottom IV
  • President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr
  • The Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Bigfoot/Sasquatch/The Swamp Ape
  • A wood nymph
  • Someone who just needs a hug


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