Your choice is
And so is the puzzle.

Oh, you want "to see the pieces"?

Didn't know you liked things on easy mode.

Our new puzzle is for experts only. So if you need things like matching edges or colors to group, maybe this isn't for you.

(At least we were nice enough to show you what it looks like on the box.)

If you're up for the challenge, buy the Invisible Puzzle below.

Invisible... even on our website

Just try to find it

All of life's greatest challenges start at the same place: the beginning. Our Invisible Puzzle is as hard to put together as it is to find in the first place.

See (hah!) for yourself

Fine. Have a color.

We're sure that'll help.

These three 1,000 piece puzzles solid-color prove that seeing the pieces is not the advantage you think it is.

Good luck! You'll need it.

Have a few more.

Bit off more than you could chew huh?

Venture into the realm of "reasonability" with our Color Series. Three large high-quality puzzles with beautiful color schemes that "actually help you complete them."

It's okay.

Still having trouble?

Maybe take a step back.

Or a few million. Our Earth series will put your troubles in perspective -- planetary perspective.

Space out today!