250-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

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250-Piece Puzzle Collection

Explore our selection of 250-piece jigsaw puzzles. Check back often to catch our restocks and most recent 250-piece puzzle releases.


How long does it take to do a 250 piece puzzle?

Well, it depends. Most folks tend to take about one hour to complete a 250 piece puzzle. So that means a 500 piece puzzle takes about two hours, right? Wrong. Researchers found that on average, when you double the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the time spent on the puzzle quadruples. Dang, that’s interesting! So, while a 250 piece puzzle might take only an hour of your day, a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle would take four hours. Blue Kazoo sells 250 piece puzzles and 1,000 piece puzzles so no matter how much time you have, there’s a puzzle for you.

Fair warning: not all 250 piece puzzles are created equal. Our mini-Impossible series are all 250 pieces of solid-color chaos. Will you do red, white, black, or all three? It honestly doesn’t matter because they’re all just one color. 

What size is a 250 piece puzzle?

Good question. It depends a lot on the shape of the puzzle (and the size of the pieces). Most of our 250 piece puzzles are about 12”x 18”, or 1’ x 1.5’. For context, that’s about 1.5x a piece of paper, or maybe the size of a small scroll. Do folks write on scrolls anymore? Anyway, any of our 250 piece puzzles for sale will fit nicely and neatly on a kitchen or coffee table, so you should be pretty safe. 

Is there a trick to putting 250 piece jigsaw puzzles together?

There’s no single ‘trick’ to solve a puzzle, that’s why they’re fun! If there was, we’d be out of business pretty quickly. However, there are some helpful tips though for putting a 250 piece puzzle together:

  • Organize your pieces by color and shape using small boxes–if you don’t have smaller sorting boxes or bowls, no big deal. It’s just helpful to keep pieces clearly separated once you get into the fog of puzzling.
  • Put together the edge first: edge pieces are easier to spot and will help you fill out the puzzle much faster.
  • Spread it out–even if you’re not doing a smaller 250 piece puzzle with other people, it’s helpful to not get distracted by other sections. Spreading jigsaw puzzles out ensures there’s plenty of space to visualize, think, and sort.

Are big 250-piece jigsaw puzzles too challenging for children?

What kind of children are we talking about? How ‘big’ is the 250-piece puzzle? If the child is 4 years old, and the 250-piece puzzle is 4’ x 4’ and solid red, then yes. Hyperbole aside, most 250-piece puzzles should be doable for older children, especially with the help of an adult. Make sure the picture is interesting to your kid, and the pieces aren’t too small.  Also, don’t start your little ones out with our mini-Impossible series (unless you’re trying to punish them).

Are 250-piece jigsaw puzzles hard?

What do you want us to tell you? If they were easy, we wouldn’t be selling them like hotcakes. But if we wanted them to be harder, we’d chop ‘em up into smaller pieces. We’ll put it this way: 250 piece puzzles are a nice little challenge. It’s kind of like the mental equivalent of running up a hill. Will it take you forever? No. Will it build character and get you in good shape? Yes. 

Is a 250-piece puzzle good for the elderly?

Yes! 250 piece puzzles are good for just about anybody aged 10-100+. It just depends on how much time you have to put them together. Those in their golden years are likely to have plenty of opportunities to piece together anywhere from 250-piece to 1,000-piece puzzles. Blue Kazoo’s collection is especially great because of the high-quality puzzle board and high-resolution images we use for our 250-piece puzzles. If you or your loved one likes a little more challenge, try the mini-Impossible series with three (yes, three) solid color 250-piece puzzles.

Fun fact: jigsaw puzzles and other mental challenges like sudokus are proven to fight the effects of dementia and keep your brain healthy.