We’re Print-testing the COLOR Puzzles Today

Hey, fellow puzzlers!
As you know, we’re currently making thousands of puzzles for our EARTH Series. They’re being manufactured as we speak. But why would we only work on one project at a time? That wouldn’t be any fun at all…
So we’re also getting our COLOR Series ready. It’s coming along really well. The puzzles and the packaging are designed and now, today, we’re doing our first print samples to make sure the puzzles will be just as crisp and vibrant as can be.
Here’s a quick snapshot of one of the proofs. It’s not a great picture and we're still making adjustments to perfect the puzzles, but we wanted to give you a quick glimpse behind the scenes...
It’s more of a poster than a puzzle at this point, because we aren’t at the stage for cutting yet. But we will be soon and we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for tracking along with our “puzzle process.” We hope you’re as excited as we are to see everything coming together.
If you haven’t gotten a hold of the COLOR Puzzle Series yet, you can get yours here!