This Shirt Gets You Into Blue Kazoo’s First Party

We’re thrilled to announce the First Annual Blue Kazoo Oxford Comma Pizza & Pac-Man Bowling Party!

But here’s the thing… We don’t really have anything to announce yet. Just this shirt.

Yeah, we made the shirts before we organized anything else about it.

We didn’t want to hold out on you! Look how excited Abraham is about it…

Just because the party isn’t planned yet, doesn’t mean we can’t make the shirt available. We’re doing things a little out of order. It’s fun.

So…get a funky t-shirt and then if and when the real thing happens, you will get an official invite.

Some details, such as they are…

What the heck is the Blue Kazoo Oxford Comma Pizza & Pac-Man Bowling Party?

Exactly what it sounds like.

When is it?

We don’t know. Whenever it’s safe to travel and convene in large groups of strangers again.

Where will it be?

Haven’t decided yet. A bowling alley in the contiguous United States, we’re assuming. Feel free to make suggestions.


If you have to ask…

Can I come??

Heck yeah, you can. Everyone who buys this shirt will not only receive a high-quality t-shirt for an as yet nonexistent event, they will also receive an invitation to the party as soon as it moves from our imaginations into the real world.