Over 100 Reviews Are In for the Latest Blue Kazoo Puzzles. See What People Are Saying…

The most recent two Blue Kazoo puzzle series have been shipping over the last few weeks and word is filtering back to us from customers. We are happy to report that...people love these puzzles.

Over a 100 reviews, and the Earth Puzzle Series and the Color Puzzle Series are averaging a whopping 5-star rating.

We’re humbled, grateful, and just plain excited.

Here are a few highlights of what people are saying…

YES! … I love it although it’s been a ride! We’re nearing the final phases. These are the first puzzles I’ve purchased from Blue Kazoo. You can see the sun and moon puzzles in the background. I plan to frame them all in a new apartment. –Mark S.

I absolutely loved the earth puzzle!! I started working on it and couldn’t stop. It took about a week and a half, but now I’m so excited to put it up on my office wall ❤️ –Melissa D.

I have started and we love it! Definitely difficult but that’s what I was looking for! Love the round puzzle and am very happy with my purchase. Definitely worth the wait! –Kate A.

Love!! Great quality puzzle! It was so addicting that I finished it in one night. –Melissa M.

And of course, we have to include the two Blue Kazoo puzzle reviews we've gotten from cats... 😹😜

Hobbes has puzzles and approves! 😻 –Josh S.

I haven't started any of the photographic puzzles yet, but I did the Gradient one on Friday... and I loved it!! The colors were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed how easy some of the sections were, but how tricky others proved to be...

While the Gradient puzzle was easy to sort, I haven't figured out my game plan for the Earth, Sun, and Moon options, but I'm really looking forward to diving into those ones as well. :) –Bailey C.

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And check out the Earth Series and the Color Series for yourself.