Our New Puzzle Series Is All About Calm and COLOR

We have a new puzzle bundle! (Try saying that three times fast.)
All jigsaws are peaceful entertainment, but with these in particular we really wanted to focus on tranquility, serenity, quietude — whatever word you want to use that means peace. We designed these specifically to bring a sense of calm as they’re solved. Settle in and you will soon find your mind has the space you need to reflect, meditate, or maybe just zone out.
Without any specific images in these jigsaws to guide you, you will find yourself relying on your instincts and your intuitive sense of color as you organize the pieces and start to snap them into place. The colors are soothing but vibrant. The premium puzzle board feels good in your fingers. And the precision cut ensures that pieces will fit snugly into place no matter how long you own and play these puzzles.
Hope you’re as excited as we are about these. We’re taking pre-orders now and will be sending them out mid-summer.