Introducing the World's Largest and Most Challenging Jigsaw Puzzle EVER

You think you've seen a hard puzzle before?

You haven't. Not compared to the puzzle we're releasing today.

But at least we're being up-front about it. The title makes things pretty clear.


100,000 Pieces of Unadulterated Azure Agony.

That's right a 100,000-piece pure-blue jigsaw puzzle. 

Are you up for it? 

No. You're not. Unless you can take off work for the next 5 years and you have a warehouse to work on it in... Because this puzzle is 415 square feet. 

But maybe there's an eccentric jigsaw-puzzling billionaire out there who wants to give it a shot. Ya never know...

Just kidding. April fools... I mean, unless someone actually does want to pay $100,000 for it. 🤷‍♀️