We're in Love With a Planet 😍

Humans have been interested in Mars for a really, really long time. With its sprawling canyons and deep orange-reds, it's one of our more beautiful celestial siblings.

Like, it’s a ridiculously attractive planet. I mean, look at it!






Y'know, maybe we shouldn’t have used that sibling analogy... gears turnin’...

Alright, Mars is like that friend who always made you smile, who was more than just a friend, but since neither of you said anything in high school, now you just pass each other every few years, maybe shoot a “hey I know you” smile, and you wonder how their life turned out. Mars is where your heart truly, truly lies…

Anyway, we're big fans of Mars (not in the "Elon-wants-to-pillage-your-resources" kind of way, but in a, "we like you and want to see you be well," kind of way).

We love Mars so much that we decided to immortalize it on a puzzle! This isn't just any puzzle; remember, these pieces represent that other path you never had the chance to take. All you have to do is put them together. 

Introducing Mars, the newest 1000-piece puzzle from Blue Kazoo. Despite a pretty ridiculous theft-related incident, this gorgeous new puzzle has made it through production and is ready for you to fall in love as well.