Can YOU find the Secret Podcast?

Blue Kazoo's Abraham Piper is kinda famous; well, social media famous.


Every time someone on TikTok asks him if he'd ever do a podcast, he says, “Uh... no.”

Well, it turns out he's a liar. But in the very best of ways.

Recently, Abraham (along with Blue Kazoo's other co-founder Josh, who we relegated to this parenthetical) started a four-minute Blue Kazoo podcast (even though it’s barely about puzzles).

But there’s a twist...

It’s a secret.

Will you find the podcast on your favorite podcast platform? No, friends, you will not. Also, while you can access it right now from where you’re sitting… it’s not on the internet.

Puzzles are lofi, so why shouldn’t our podcast be?

But since you’re enough of a fan to be reading this post in the first place, we’ll give you a big ol’ hint; we have a phone number you can text with your customer service questions. But texting isn’t the only thing you can do with a phone number…

We’ll post new episodes weekly. Come find it if you feel like it…

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