All aboard! Introducing 3 brand new “old” puzzles

There’s something about how puzzles evoke nostalgia. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the exercise, or how a puzzle doesn’t need electricity to engage us. It’s wholesome, collaborative, time-tested. Analog. Many people do puzzles specifically to escape the constant lights and noise of modern life.

That longing for a simpler time is at the heart of our latest, totally original 1,000-piece puzzle series, Across the Continent


Interlocking was a brand new idea.

Pardon us if we’re telling you what you already know, but the 1920s and ‘30s were something of a puzzle renaissance. 

Manufacturers had just introduced wild and crazy innovations like “interlocking” and “machine-cut” pieces; even putting a reference photo on the box was a brand new idea. These more precise, accessible puzzles—which you couldn’t destroy by accidentally kicking the table you were working on—became ridiculously popular.

Let's book a trip through time.

As an homage to these bygone days of puzzling, our Across the Continent series features three retro art pieces evoking the early 20th century. Designed exclusively for Blue Kazoo, each puzzle contains all sorts of marvelous little details we’re quite proud of, and which we hope will give you joy to discover.

Let us book you a trip through time. Order our Travel Vintage series today, and rediscover a simple pleasure that stays the same no matter how much it changes.