A BIG Sell Out for a MINI EARTH

We sold the earth 100 times over...the MINI EARTH that is. We launched our brand new, 250-piece mini puzzle and sold out in just two “regular Earth” days. 

250-piece Earth, Moon and Sun Jigsaw Puzzles from Blue Kazoo

Why did it sell out? We’ll never know for sure, but here are some guesses:

  • It’s therapeutic to create & destroy the earth
  • People wanted a zoomed-out photo of their home
  • The puzzles bring round-earthers and flat-earthers together
  • Puzzles are becoming a hedge against inflation 
  • It’s a back-handed way of telling us our regular puzzles are too big
  • They’re cute! It’s like corgi or dachshund, but in puzzle form
  • Someone bought them all up & is reselling them on the puzzle black market
  • Like Earth itself, it was a random, meaningless event in our chaotic universe
  • Josh bought them all to make Abraham feel good about himself (does he really need an ego boost, Josh?)

Of course, it could just be because they’re fun, easy to assemble in just a few hours, and purdy to look at.

We dropped 100 MINI EARTHs in the first go-round, and get this: we’re dropping 100 more soon. If you want in on this second release, you need to be on our email list. 

How many people are on our email list? Tens of thousands, which means you really do need to “act fast” (we’re not lying, we promise)!

Maybe we’ll make more, maybe not? This second round of MINI EARTH sure does have us feeling a little tired and wanting to take a loooong vacation. *stretches arms and props feet up*

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Still reading? Here’s a fun fact: at 250 pieces, each MINI EARTH piece represents about 788,000 square miles. That’s a little over the area of Mexico! Then again, don’t always believe what you read on the internet. But it’s probably true.