3 New Blue Kazoo Puzzle Sets So You Can GET More and SAVE More

As we watch orders come in, it's very exciting and humbling to see that 78% of you want more than one puzzle. We really appreciate our customers for this commitment and trust... (You're going to love your puzzles!)

And we wanted to say thank you by making it easier and more affordable to get the multiple puzzles you're looking for...

We've already introduced our best-of puzzle set. This is a rotating series, featuring some of our top-sellers at the moment.

But now we also offer a Starry Wave Gift Set, so that you can save some money getting a couple Starry Wave puzzles to give to your favorite puzzle-loving friends.

And just last week, we launched the Blue Kazoo Mega Set. Get our top-selling puzzle series and our top-selling individual puzzle in one big bundle. If you're the sort who can never have too many puzzles, this is the one for you.

What's next? A One-of-everything Blue Kazoo puzzle set? 😆

Actually...wait...that's not a bad idea.